"The Most Blood Thirsty Mayor Ever"

Posted: Nov 10, 2013 12:01 AM
"The Most Blood Thirsty Mayor Ever"
If there ever existed a city, where the practice of the day was to line up ten mothers, alongside one of their children, and to purposely kill more than four of those children, you might imagine an incoming mayoral candidate would have an opinion about that.

If that was a practice that happened once a year it would be horrifying. If it happened monthly or weekly there would be such an outcry from all civilized people that the cries for action would ring to the highest places of power within that city.

If it happened every day people would begin to riot.

After all, what kind of holocaust would this be playing out on that city's nightly television news. Every network would have their reporters at the scene of the children's execution chamber, reporting on how many children to date had been lost to this bizarre, freakish practice allowing the taking of innocent life.

No doubt as "horrific" a policy some would argue "stop and frisk" is to certain segments of the population, surely, certainly, someone would push mayoral candidates as to their intention to put an end to the systematic executions of four mother's babies each day.


I wish this idea was fiction. I wish it was the harmless basis for some bizarre Tom Cruise futuristic sci-fi thriller that had no real world consequence.

Sadly it is not fiction, and New York is the city.

Even worse the incoming Mayor has no desire to stop the practice
. Worse still he wants to allow the practice to be spread to city-owned properties, and force all physicians who work in city hospitals to perform one of these child executions as part of their training. And worst of all he wishes to see the practice increased and desires to eliminate the only voices that speak effectively enough to save some of these children each year.

Now he is pledging to do all of the above.

New York City already has the stain of seeing more than four out of every ten pregnancies end via abortion. Now Mayor Elect Bill De Blasio has pledged the full power of his office to see that number increased.

Long a supporter of Planned Parenthood, the Mayor Elect believes that they have gone through a series of injustices, so he has pledged to allow Planned Parenthood use of city owned resources to expand their work because 41% of your future population isn't a river enough of innocent blood.

Planned Parenthood is surely treated differently than many organizations by the nation's elected class, but no one can make the argument that it is unfavorable treatment. The nation's largest abortion providing corporation rakes in roughly a half billion U.S. tax dollars annually. When you merely divide that number by the roughly 300,000 abortions they perform each year you suddenly find that the American tax-payer is paying Planned Parenthood $1600+ for every child they kill.

Expanding their access to the children of New York using additional tax-payer owned properties is not new thinking for De Blasio, rather just an extension of what the federal government has done for a very long time.

But add to all of this the newest wrinkle of the Mayor Elect promising to "wipe out" the abortion alternative clinics and you've multiplied the potency of the bloodshed a hundred fold. After all "abortion alternative" clinics are by definition the only "pro choice" alternative to Planned Parenthood.

The biggest differences between Planned Parenthood clinics, and abortion alternative clinics--besides the life of the child--is that those running the abortion alternative clinics do so exclusively through private funding.

Meaning while we the tax payers pay Planned Parenthood $1600 per child's life they take, we put no tax dollars towards any children's lives saved.

The idea that Mayor Elect Bill De Blasio wants to limit a woman's right to choose makes him anti-woman. The fact that he wants to eliminate any options from even being mentioned to women in times of great crisis makes him unjust. The fact that he is working to effectively raise the numbers of children slaughtered so indiscriminately makes him evil. And the fact that he sleeps at night through it all makes him pathologically Satanic.

All apologies to the next generation while we're at it.

Because you have a greater chance of being born if your mother has endured a car accident while pregnant with you, than if she is a resident of New York City during her pregnancy.
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