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In every interview that is done on television, and on just about every discussion held on talk radio, the forces of Occupy Wall Street were allowed to perpetuate an idea that could not be more false. Yet they repeat it with fervor, constantly trying to brainwash any who will listen as to its reality. They don't want to admit what I'm about to state, but it must be said.

Income "inequality" is a myth of hysterical proportion.

There, that felt good.

Like tiny Miss Virginia in the movie Miracle on 34th Street, the Occupy forces have a very rough time believing reality. Yet the truth is all around them.

The problem is, they do not wish to admit basic truths. Truths like:

1. No one is guaranteed anything in this life.

2. Success comes through hard work.

3. The world is largely unfair.

4. America is the most fair/advantageous economic laboratory on the planet.

If they understood these basic concepts they would cease whining about the myth of "income inequality" and get their fannies back to their homes and begin efforts to reinvent, create, produce, and multiply (ideas.)

The truth is most of Occupy Wall Street is so riddled with absolute hypocrisy that even when CNN confronts an occupier using an Apple Computer at the Occupy location, the occupier merely smiles and says, "well no one is perfect."

Even so the talking point of "income inequality" has outlasted most of the hypocrisy and has begun to be a point of discussion in "serious media" as a "benefit" of the silly occupy movement.

Yet here's the certainty, no one is, nor should be guaranteed an income of any kind. Not without hard work, not without struggle, initiative, extra effort, and accomplishment. Even then that mindset of "results" should be evident in the everyday labor that is being performed.

The problem with Occupy is that it largely sees itself as victims, instead of decision makers. They view themselves as the have-nots, as opposed to those-that-do-not-have... yet. They stare in the mirror each morning examining life as an employee instead of as an entrepreneur. They lack motivation. They lack confidence. They lack direction. And they lack discernment.

They claim to be part of the 99%, when in reality almost no one in America is truly part of the 99% of the world's poorest.

And they are ungrateful, to their creator, to their fellow man, to the public servants that allow them the cover to gather, and to a nation which continues to insist upon them having the right to speak freely, even when that freedom has been grossly abused.

But Occupy's main problem is that they don't live reflective lives. They don't think. They don't problem solve.

They are all about building consensus. Punt consensus, go get a job, and start a savings account, learn about how to build wealth in little pieces over long periods of time, and do what they normal working people do every single day--work hard.

While many of Occupy would love to spit on the perceived wrongs they've been dealt, few of them understand what true income inequality is. Go back to the 1920's in the midst of women's suffrage and you would see it. Employers having the right to pay people less for the same job being done by a woman vs. the man she was working next to. But women now dominate the work scene, they head companies, they lead entire swaths of the work force in attaining success.

But our laws don't allow us to do that anymore.

We give raises based on merit and experience (except in labor unions who honestly believe they shouldn't have to work to get anything.)

In the free market we reward innovation, and we let the market handle the lack of it.

In America new ideas have not found their limits, and the need to produce, distribute, create, and expand will always exist.

Occupy really wants something different--they don't want income equality, because that would require real work--they want evenly distributed "wealth equity," regardless of how you went about getting it.

And that's the lazy man's approach.

So listen up Occupy. You don't have a "right" to a dime of anything. Earn your keep. Work hard. Excel in your endeavors and continue to learn. Make yourself invaluable to the operation--or shock of shocks--go start your own.

American history--unlike the histories of the socialist empires you pine for--is filled with people who changed the course of millions of lives, and because of their creativity and commitment to excellence and hard work they grew companies that employed thousands, made millions, and some even left behind plans to continue to change the world long after they no longer walked among us.

Taking a page from such a playbook, would begin to open your eyes--not to your victimhood, but to the array of potential that you have been too blind to even see!

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