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Obamacare: Viagra for Pedophiles

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If last week's historic federal graft wasn't enough... If last week's groundbreaking request by President Obama for a t-shirt with the "F" word "emblazoned" upon it didn't do the job... If Bart Stupak's drowning in his $52 million dollars worth of requests for illegal pork for his district didn't suitably offend...


Then "never fear, because the worst of Obamacare is finally here!"

At least I hope it's the worst. Who can actually know?

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Certainly not Congress, because they didn't even read the bill. Or if they did, then Sarah Palin's reference this week to "crosshairs" didn't quite go far enough.

Because nestled in the inner mush that is the new health care reform law that President Obama has been lying about to live audiences, (oh yes, I said lie--he's been claiming children with pre-existing conditions are covered, but oops--his fellow progressives forgot to include that! Imagine how that will play with the Congressional Budget Office's numbers...) buried deep inside the Congressional stew, is an unwillingness to ban Obamacare dollars from going to provide erectile dysfunction drugs for convicted pedophiles.

Without medical doctor Sen. Tom Coburn's amendment, there is no specific language to prevent Obamacare dollars from being used in such a fashion. And after the vote to reconcile, the law becomes, and shall stand as an open door to provide convicted pedophiles with sexual performance enhancing drugs.

So now, under federal law, because of votes by lawmakers who defied you in voting the 2700 page fiasco through to the President's desk, our tax dollars may be used to help convicted rapists, those who've committed sexual assault, and serial pedophiles to have sexual performance enhancing drugs provided to them.


It would seem sad, except for the fact that the Senate's only medical doctor, seemed to warn us all that it could happen.

Obama didn't listen to him at his fake bi-partisan conference, and the ultra-partisan democrats, in opposing the bi-partisan appeals to change direction, showed him the door at the request of such a common sense amendment.

Drugs have been a significant problem in the details of Obamacare.

The doing away with drug program assistance caused roughly a dozen major production companies to announce this week that they will have to forego any effort to be able to help their private sector employees purchase their prescription medication. Oddly enough the President, not seeing this coming either, kept touting another lie all week: that medicare would not be additionally burdened because the private companies wouldn't be forced to dump employees into the medicare program.

But that was before people read the bill, and the real program was unveiled.

Now millions more will be applying for medicare funds than we were told would be by the President.

Many have mocked with arrogance and tremendous certainty what President Obama and company have characterized as distortions in the description of his take-over of the health insurance industry in America. And on one level I tend to agree.

The distortion was grossly underestimated.


Since Tuesday of last week, we have daily awakened only to find program after program, policy after policy, bribe after bribe, and dishonesty upon dishonesty in a bill that was supposed to balance the budget, be completely transparent, and lift Americans out from underneath the crushing costs of less competition, tighter regulations, and more centralized control.

Turns out, it was all a lie.

Nary a piece of the legislation has been as it was touted. And leaving out children's coverage for pre-existing conditions until 2014, while actively campaigning in Iowa this week and saying that it went into effect immediately, seems to me a good grounds for the people of Iowa to file a class action lawsuit against the President himself. At least those Iowans who can't get children's medical insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

But Viagra for child rapists... now that's a horizon I don't think anyone saw coming.

Except of course... for Dr. Tom Coburn!

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