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Why Liberals Never Lie

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"Nancy Pelosi has more integrity in her pinky than Dick Cheney and Karl Rove have in their whole bodies combined."

Some congressional idiot made that claim to a bevy of media cameras gathered for a press conference designed to help the flailing Speaker of the House try to save face. Of course the Congressional idiot wishes he never had said it now, following the release of President Obama's Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon Panetta that put forward in no uncertain terms that Ms. Pelosi was the one lying to Congress, the administration, the media, and "We the People."


Leon Panetta also made clear that the CIA had truthfully, and fully briefed the speaker as to the techniques used, that she was in attendance, acknowledged the techniques, and had no problem with them at the time.

Thus the history books will say, began the downfall of Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House.

It's one thing for her to try to pretend that the only voices contradicting her abhorrent memory of certain events were from the GOP. But when the new face of the Democratic establishment labels her a liar, she's got more trouble on her hands than anyone in her party wants at this stage of the game.

Obama will be content to let her twist, and if necessary die in the wind because his agenda has nothing to do with protecting her name and legacy as Speaker. But Pelosi's actions do cause thoughtful observers to wonder why she chose the path she did. Pelosi didn't just tell untruths, she accused the very important organization of the CIA of committing in essence mass conspiracy--against only her. That the CIA would feel the need to go to such lengths to simply create the illusion that someone was not being fully transparent with the American people, would be sort of like trying to kill cockroaches with bazookas. It would get the job done, but a little excessively.

For that very reason Pelosi's version(s) of events were implausible from the beginning. Once she backed herself into the corner and pointed the finger at our intelligence community, she forced Panetta to release the actual record of what happened and thus she has sealed her reputation forever. Nancy Pelosi is a liar, so labeled by her own party, the administration she serves, the party that opposes her, the media of our nation, and now the people who elected her. And there's little else that all those groups ever would agree on.


So like most of the rest of the nation perhaps you find yourself asking, "Why did she do it?"

It's simple. Liberals believe that nothing that comes out of their own mouth can ever be classified as a lie.

In the reality of liberals there is no objective record of fact or substance, only shades of interpretation. The fact that she was at the briefing didn't mean she was physically there, or if it did and she felt emotionally disconnected from what was being discussed, or if her mind wandered, then she wasn't REALLY there, was she?

The fact that they showed a complete and thorough demonstration of what water-boarding was, made mention of its use, declared intention to use it under limited circumstances in the days to come didn't mean she knew anything about it... right?

Like the definition of "is," liberals don't know things objectively, rather only what they are told, what they choose to believe, and what they intended for things to mean.

Actual substance, definitions of words, indisputable facts are all things that can be explained away, understood to be something, anything other than what they actually are.

It actually stems from a very sad reality for them all, a lack of belief in absolute truth. If nothing can be seen, understood, or intended to be absolutely true--than nothing is true, everything is subjective, and the only person who gets to decide what is what is the person speaking at the moment.

This is how liberals operate.

Abortion is not taking the life of an innocent human being. Adultery is not engaging in oral sex with someone who is not your spouse. Marriage is not the sanctified union of a man and woman. Tax cuts can be given to people who do not pay taxes. Water-boarding is torture though it leaves no scars nor permanent damage. Nationalizing the banks, car companies, and mortgage industries is not socialism. Increasing gun control is not taking away second amendment rights of citizens. Closing Gitmo doesn't mean shutting it down. And for this president especially, letting born children starve to death in soiled hospital utility closets is just allowing a woman the right to choose.


Nancy rose through the ranks under the President that did this the best. He even wagged his finger at the American people, looked them straight in the eye and told whoppers.

But when liberals do it, it's not lying.

How Pelosi emerges from this with any dignity is hard to imagine. Yet the people of this nation deserve better.

And when elected leaders have forgotten how to be truthful to the voters, perhaps its time for them to do the honorable thing and suddenly have a desire to spend more time with their grand-babies. You know, those fetuses who were lucky enough not to be labeled blobs of tissue, carried to term, and killed in utero?

Nancy had a perfectly acceptable way out of the mess: “Tell people that following 9/11 she felt water-boarding was an acceptable thing to do to save the lives of Americans at risk, but that now she has changed her thinking on the issue.”

Which in essence is exactly what happened.

And if she had, she wouldn't be in hiding from what will become a relentless pursuit for the facts.

Mr. Panetta has already established more than enough headaches for her on that front.

And for what its worth, I also don't think that by plugging her ears, clicking her heels, and screaming, "Bush is the devil." will bring her much comfort either.

Nancy needs to come clean, even though everyone else already knows what she has yet to admit.

Nancy tells whoppers.

And now its time for Nancy, to go home!

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