Respect or Revulsion?

Posted: May 24, 2009 12:01 AM
Respect or Revulsion?
In his much ballyhooed commencement address at Notre Dame, President Barack Obama urged protagonists in the abortion debate to respect the opinions of those whose views differ from their own.

Should abortion opponents respect the views of those who advocate abortion on demand?  Absolutely not!

Abortion is an act of wanton barbarism perpetrated on an innocent child.  In a saline abortion, the unborn child is poisoned and scalded in utero by toxic chemicals, resulting in the delivery of a dead baby.  In a dilation and evacuation, the child is systematically dismembered and sucked from the womb piece by piece with a powerful vacuum.  In a partial birth abortion, an intact child is delivered partially from the womb, only to have its skull pierced, its brains sucked out, and its head crushed before the rest of its tiny body is finally delivered.

If a child should somehow miraculously survive one of these Mengele-like attempts to end their existence, a number of abortion proponents—Barack Obama included—believe that the child should be killed on the table rather than permitted to enjoy the life that they refused to yield in the womb.

Pray tell, Mr. Obama, what is it about the opinions of those who advocate these acts of wanton violence that is worthy of respect?

Please, don't wrap your response in the rhetoric of "choice."  We aren't talking here about the right to choose between chocolate and vanilla.  We are talking about the so-called right to choose to kill an innocent child.  Where on God's green earth or in the Constitution does that "right" come from?

A gifted communicator like you knows that people resort to euphemisms when they want to conceal the ugliness of that which they advocate.  And as a skilled advocate, you know that "choice" is a euphemism for "I want to be free to kill my innocent child," but no "pro-choice" politician is willing to say it.

Your attempt to invoke the virtues of "tolerance" in this discussion is merely more rhetorical manipulation.  Your side hasn't shown any tolerance toward the opinions of judicial candidates whom they feared might chip away at Roe v. Wade and its progeny.  Would you have pro-lifers emulate the "tolerance" of your supporters at N.O.W. or N.A.R.A.L. toward folks like Robert Bork, John Roberts, or Sam Alito?  Perhaps you would have them model the "tolerance" of your friends on the Left like Perez Hilton toward the opinions of people like Carrie Prejean (Miss California)?

Mr. Obama, your supporters advocate zero tolerance for the opinions of those who discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation, but they seem to have no problem with the opinions of those who advocate discrimination on the basis of age, size, or location.  Do those classifications provide a rational basis for discrimination?  Are the opinions of those who advocate discrimination on the basis of such categories more worthy of respect than those who advocate discrimination based on the other categories?  Would you honestly have us believe that those who are older have more worth than those who are younger; that big people are worth more than small ones; or that our membership in the human family depends on where we happen to reside?

Mr. Obama, by your own measure, you are guilty of bigotry—and worse.  You not only affirm the right to discriminate against human beings because they are young, small, and in the womb—you embrace the "right" to destroy them.

Which is worse—to discriminate, or to destroy based on "unalterable characteristics of our human existence?"

No doubt you would have the pro-life community at least respect the sincerity with which you hold your convictions.  Sorry, we can't even affirm that.  Sincerity is not the measure of truth.  You may sincerely believe that taking poison will heal you, but you will be sincerely wrong and sincerely dead—as are 50 million unborn children since 1973.

The debate over abortion is not going to go away, Mr. Obama.  At times, it will become emotional and raucous and loud as it did at Notre Dame—as it should be when the lives of human beings are at stake.  Perhaps one day you will search your heart and realize that you have aided and abetted a terrible wrong of gigantic proportions.  Perhaps one day you will change your mind and seek to protect the least among us.

Then, and only then, will pro-lifers respect your opinion.
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