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After a series of primary elections this week, members of the liberal establishment caught on to a tactic being used by Democratic operatives for months. 

All of a sudden, they're outraged organizations like the Democratic Governor's Association and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have dumped $44 million into primary races across the country. Not for candidates with a "D" next to their name, but instead, writing checks for Trump-endorsed Republicans. Some would call it meddling in elections. 

The New York Times editorial board, which clearly hasn't been paying enough attention, is aghast. 

"It is a terrible approach on two counts. First, it's profoundly irresponsible: What if these election deniers actually win? And second, if Democrats believe that democracy is in danger and they need Republican support to save it — or at least a reality-based G.O.P. in our two-party system — then they have weakened their standing as defenders of democracy by aligning with those who would thwart it," the Editorial Board writes. 

On Tuesday night, Trump-endorsed John Gibbs beat out Republican Congressman Peter Meijer in the primary for Michigan's 3rd congressional district. The DCCC poured half-a-million dollars into the race backing Gibbs. Gibbs won and Meijer is out of a job. 

Outgoing Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who is retiring knowing he would lose reelection, is baffled Democrats would purposely work to get rid of a Republican like him — especially given Meijer was on the same page as Democrats when it came to impeaching Trump for a second time. 

"I mean, the DCCC needs to be ashamed of themselves," Kinzinger told CNN. "If Peter's opponent wins and goes on in November to win, the Democrats own that. Congratulations. Here's the thing, don't keep coming to me asking where are all the good Republicans that defend democracy and then take your donors' money to spend half a million dollars promoting one of the worst election deniers that's out there." 

Yeah, the very Democrats Kinzinger partnered with for the past year-and-a-half on Capitol Hill. He clearly doesn't understand the plot. 

Taking out Republicans, no matter how "moderate" or "anti-Trump" they may be, is the goal. Handing wins to Democrats and thinking it'll pay off with loyalty is a rookie move. For Democrats, it's not about democracy and "good Republicans." It's about defending power and one-party rule in Washington. 

Not to mention, Democrat credentials as the "pro-Democracy" and "norm" party went out the window a long time ago. The January 6 Committee, where the goal is to prevent Trump from running for president again rather than provide an accounting of what truly happened that day, only highlights the departure. 

Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin, who is leading the J6 charge, objected to the certification of the 2016 presidential election that Trump won. He stood on the House floor with a number of other Democrats on January 6, 2017, to protest and express his doubt Trump had actually won. Weeks later, dozens of Democrats refused to show up at Trump's inauguration, saying the election was stolen. For years (and to this day), they claimed Trump was a delegitimate president installed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Despite all of the moral preening from Democrats over the past five years about "preserving Democracy," not to mention the media campaign and enormous resources put toward this bogus narrative by the left, the public isn't buying it. According to Fox News polling from June, Republicans beat Democrats on the question of which party is better suited to preserve democracy. 

"The poll results come after years of Democrats – most notably President Joe Biden – insisting that Republicans are attacking Democracy in a variety of ways ranging from election integrity laws to the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021," Fox News reported about the context of the poll result. "During a speech earlier this year slamming an election integrity law passed by the Republican legislature and signed by the Republican governor of Georgia, Biden called the legislation a 'grave threat to Democracy.'" 

When it comes to elections, Democrats aren't interested in working with so-called moderate Republicans. They want Democrats in office and are willing to do just about anything, including writing big checks to Trump-endorsed candidates they've deemed domestic extremists, to do it. 

Their empty and hypocritical moral preening about "preserving democracy" is simply a tagline as they fail to govern and solve major issues facing the country. Their meddling in Republican primaries is desperate. It proves they lack confidence their candidates are capable of winning in a fair fight against Republicans chosen by the voters. 


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