Help Us Hold the Biden Administration and the Left Accountable

Posted: Jan 19, 2021 12:01 AM
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Help Us Hold the Biden Administration and the Left Accountable

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Dear Townhall Readers, 

As the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress take over power in Washington D.C., our team is more motivated than ever to hold them accountable, but we need your direct support by becoming a Townhall VIP member. 

As we learned through our coverage of the 2020 presidential election, Biden has an ambitious, aggressive, and increasingly left-wing agenda for the country. Whether it’s through economically stifling economic policies, tax increases for the middle class, more government control of your healthcare, an assault on the Second Amendment, a devastating Green New Deal, an America Last foreign policy, and much more, we plan to cover all of it. Biden’s left-flank on Capitol Hill has already proven they plan to push him and America even closer to their socialist utopia. 

Biden’s friends in big tech also plan to help implement the Biden agenda by stifling the speech and perspectives of conservatives. We saw this in October when Twitter banned the New York Post for accurately reporting on Hunter Biden’s shady foreign dealings. Tech tyrants also went after any user who dared to share the story. They later banned President Trump and doubled down on their decision. Now, Biden is hiring big tech decision-makers for positions inside the U.S. government, giving them even more power. 

We launched Townhall VIP in order to bring you the facts without the censorship of big tech companies. Your subscription ensures we stay in business and that the issues you care about are covered. Your loyalty ensures we can stay independent of Silicon Valley, which regularly attempts to dictate what we choose to publish and how we do so. We will not be held hostage by leftist “fact-checkers” who claim to be objective news sources. They’re attempting to control the narrative and shutting down debate.

In 2020 our team was covering important stories from the places where they were happening. 

On election night, led by Cortney O’Brien, we had every angle of the presidential and Senate races covered. We documented voter irregularities in swing states and followed every day of President Trump’s election battle in the courts. We plan to follow up with state legislatures on how they plan to address mail-in ballot issues, voter fraud, and last-minute rule changing. 

Throughout the year, Julio Rosas traveled around the country documenting leftist violence and anarchy in the streets of America. He was on the ground and on the front lines in Minneapolis, Portland, Kenosha, and elsewhere, documenting the destruction and interviewing business owners who are victims of leftist rioting. With facts, he has thoroughly debunked the Democrat narrative that Antifa is just “an idea” or “a myth.” In fact, Antifa is on the march and he’ll be watching. 

Reagan McCarthy was on the ground in Georgia reporting on two crucial, runoff U.S. Senate races, which came down to the wire. 

I interviewed President Trump, Attorney General Bill Barr, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to gather information about the Administration’s policies first hand, without a filter from leftist media. 

Townhall regularly publishes op-eds from a wide variety of conservative voices. We regularly encourage decision makers in Washington D.C. to get in touch with our readers about policies that affect their lives, families, and the future of the country. While the New York Times censors Republican Senators like Tom Cotton, they are welcome to publish on our pages. Our columnist selection is top notch, with Kurt Schlichter and Matt Vespa leading the way. 

In this new year, we plan to do even more. Will you please join us? 

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Most importantly, you’ll be fueling our conservative mission and a revenue stream that will be reinvested into the real, conservative journalism you care about most. Your membership means our team will be able to pursue what matters, first hand. We must work to hold the Biden administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress accountable without crushing censorship from big tech. 

We’ve published nearly 150,000 articles and columns over the past 25 years. We are honored and humbled by your loyalty, and we look forward to continuing our work and fighting the Left with your support.