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The Media’s Nauseating Love Fest Is Back

Posted: Nov 27, 2020 11:15 AM
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There are two months to go until Inauguration Day, and members of the Electoral College still have to cast their votes, but the leftist driven media is wasting no time adorning former Vice President Joe Biden with praise.

Earlier this week, Biden rolled out his first round of Cabinet picks and other high profile administration positions. The choices were met with praise and absurd fawning from the very people who will be covering their actions while in office.

"They are now being told that it [Biden's Cabinet] is not going to be political," NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said.

This coordinated talking point was also repeated by ABC’s Martha Raddatz.

"This is about the least flashy team you could possibly get. They are deeply experienced. They are humble, and they are lifelong political servants," she said. "They are not political. They are just career people."

And then taxpayer-funded PBS White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, one of the most dishonest reporters in the Brady Briefing Room, took things to another level.

"I was talking to a Democrat who said this is also like the Avengers. It felt like we are being rescued from the craziness, and now, here are the superheroes to come and save us all," she said during an appearance on MSNBC.

Contrast these statements with President Trump’s 2016 transition. His Cabinet and high profile White House choices were met with spying from the FBI, lengthy hit pieces from reporters and media scorn. It went on for four years as the press acted as the resistance, rather than with objectivity.

While reporters negatively focused on petty issues, like President Trump’s habit of having two scoops of ice cream, they’re now classifying Biden's wardrobe as "fun" to cover.

"George H.W. Bush was known for his socks, maybe Biden will be too? Today he wore dark blue socks adorned with lighter blue dogs. (Yes, there are plenty of more substantive things to tweet about but we can have some fun sometimes too.)" Bloomberg political reporter Jennifer Epstein, who is covering the Biden transition, tweeted.

But regardless of the kowtowing, Biden’s history with the press isn’t a flattering one.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, he didn’t give interviews, called lids early in the morning and became aggressive when pushed on important issues. Worse, during his tenure working for President Obama, the Eric Holder driven Department of Justice was caught spying on reporters and executives. They prosecuted more sources under the Espionage Act than any previous administration — combined.

Despite these facts, the cheering of Obama and Democrats continued.

Now, after four years of relentless, egregious, unfair and false reporting about the Trump administration, the majority of the press has switched from attack mode to praise. Biden is the beneficiary.

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