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It's Time for Conservatives to Stand Together and Fight.

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Nearly one year ago, Townhall launched its VIP membership program to bring you exclusive stories from the angles being ignored by “mainstream” liberal media outlets and give you, our loyal readers, a way to directly support us.


Since then, with your help, we’ve accomplished so much. I couldn’t be prouder of the valuable work our team has done. But we still have so much more work to do. Our writers, reporters, and columnists are chasing down the facts. They’re going above and beyond to bring you the truth from the places where history-changing events are happening.

While leftist reporters and their Democrat allies are covering for Antifa, we’re documenting the terror they’ve launched against our cities. All summer long and into the fall, Julio Rosas has traveled around the country to get the real story about ongoing violence from where it is happening. He’s been in Minneapolis, Portland, Kenosha, and elsewhere, documenting the destruction and interviewing business owners who are victims of leftist rioting. With facts, he has thoroughly debunked the Democrat narrative that Antifa is just “an idea” or “a myth.”

In July, I interviewed President Trump at the White House and asked him about the ongoing unrest in our cities. We also discussed his reelection chances. In September, I traveled to Arizona and Cleveland with Attorney General Bill Barr, who explained how he’s working to keep American communities safe through Operation Legend and why the media is “a collection of liars.”


Beth Baumann has been on the road in Wisconsin and Michigan, talking to voters in crucial and election defining swing districts. Ellie Bufkin has traveled to Pennsylvania often, reporting from Trump rallies and asking people if the polls are a true reflection of how things are really going in the Keystone State (spoiler: they're not). She’s also focused on exposing the tyrannical Wuhan coronavirus lockdowns and how hypocritical politicians are destroying the previously great economy. Cortney O’Brien has been following the Trump campaign and brings key insight from top campaign advisors and First Family members directly to our readers.

In recent months, we’ve published op-eds from Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Republican Senator Tom Cotton, Trump campaign advisors, and other Republican power players. Matt Vespa’s weekly VIP column is a must-read and his fact-checks are keeping the Left accountable to their own standards.

Now, just days away from the 2020 presidential election and crucial Senate and House races, our work to report the real stories, be fair, and uphold American values is more important than ever before.

We know you've seen what the liberal media and big tech censors are capable of, and we’re here to combat their nasty lies, not solely with opinions, but with the facts. With the country's future on the line, our team will be working 24/7 every moment of election night and week, bringing you up to the minute results and analysis, but your support is crucial.


The Supreme Court fight is brewing. Our team will be busy covering all angles of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing and counting votes. Given what we saw during the Kavanaugh saga, we’re prepared to aggressively fact-check absurd claims made by Democrats and the media about her stellar, conservative record. Guy Benson will be offering daily SCOTUS analysis. Leah Barkoukis just wrote a VIP feature detailing what’s at stake in this confirmation and what to expect in attacks from the Left.

We’re standing by, ready to cover it all with your help and support. It’s a challenging time for our country and we want to rise to the occasion. Will you join us in this fight?

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Most importantly, you’ll be fueling our conservative mission and a revenue stream that will be reinvested into the real, conservative journalism you care about most. Your membership means our team will be able to pursue what matters, first hand. We must fight back against the liberal media and big tech censors. 

We’ve published nearly 150,000 articles and columns over the past 25 years. We are honored and humbled by your loyalty, and we look forward to continuing our work and fighting the Left with your support.


The future of the country depends on your participation. Join us in this fight today at Townhall VIP.

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- Katie

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