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Two Books Everyone Must Read Before November

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The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic by David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh is the author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller Crimes Against Liberty, which documents the atrocities of President Obama’s first half of his first term. Now, he’s back with the rest of the story.

In The Great Destroyer, Limbaugh documents the many different wars Obama has been waging against America: the war on the Right, the war on those who disagree, the war on the economy, the war on our culture and values, the war on oil, the war on other energy, the war on our future, the war on business, the war on America’s National Security, the war on guns, and the war on the dignity of the office of President. He also completely rips apart the idea of President Obama as the great uniter who believes not in a "red America," not in a "blue America," but in the "United States of America."

Limbaugh proves this administration is constantly attacking the things that make America great -- and that Obama is doing it on purpose. He documents extensively the destructive policies and actions that have landed America where it is today.

“It is my hope that the sheer volume and nature of Obama’s misdeeds documented herein with will shock the conscience of fair readers and demonstrate the gravity of the condition in which America now finds itself after nearly four years of his socialistic and lawless behavior, and underscore the urgency that he can be defeated in 2012,” Limbaugh writes.

Limbaugh’s book, combined with Crimes Against Liberty, is really an encyclopedia of Obama’s radical actions and lawless presidency. It’s easy to forget the many failures and crises this administration has created for political gain, but Limbaugh gives the reader many reminders without pulling any punches, and without watering down the Obama presidency.

“It’s all together and I really think that’s very beneficial for people to see, because if you don’t see it all together, you don’t have any idea of the magnitude of what’s going on,” Limbaugh tells Townhall. “They keep us busy. There are so many things we have to fight and they're operating on all of these different fronts at one time that we don’t have the man power and the attention span.”

Limbaugh makes it crystal clear in his book that President Obama's bad decisions aren’t simple mistakes with no consequences; in fact, he argues defeating Obama is crucial to the survival of America as we know it.

“He does intentionally want to impose policies that will inevitably take us over the financial cliff,” Limbaugh says. “I am so concerned about the future of the country. I’ve got five kids who I want to inherit the same glorious nation, the same Constitutional Republic and robust freedom and strong nation that I inherited from my parents and their parents and their ancestors and I am very fearful that if we don’t turn this guy around, his policies around very quickly, we’re not going to be able to and we’re going to lose the America we love. We are approaching $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, we are growing those at a rate of $10 trillion a year, we are growing our deficit at a rate of $1 trillion a year at the same time Obama says he isn’t adding a dime to the deficit.”

What the (Bleep) Just Happened: The Happy Warrior’s Guide to the Great American Comeback by Monica Crowley

Do you have days when you wake up and ask, “How did President Obama become…President?” That’s what Fox News Contributor Monica Crowley is asking and answering in her new book What the (Bleep) Just Happened.

“We have been hoodwinked,” Crowley tells Townhall, describing her hilarious take on Barack Obama’s first term as President. “I wanted to make this book really funny because in the age of Obama, if you’re not laughing, you’re crying.”

But what did just happen to America? Crowley answers this in light of what has happened to our strength and greatness, our powerful free-market system, traditional path of economic growth, American jobs, American prosperity, the greatest health care system in the world, our status a superpower, our respect from the world, how the hell we are in debt $16 trillion and more. Crowley shows Americans how to take back their country, pointing out along the way that regular Americans are Obama’s targets. Why?

“Everything has been designed to gut the middle class for one reason, to get the middle class dependent on the government,” Crowley says.  “All of his policies have been aimed at decimating the middle class.”

But despite Obama’s efforts to destroy America, Crowley has faith America can be saved.

“We only have a very short window of time to save her,” she says. “Through guts and through being a happy warrior.” She add that negativity is the province of the Left: “Let them wallow in it.”

Crowley explains to readers with chapter titles like “The Skinny Socialist is a Big Fat Liar” and “Dr. Strangeleader or: How I learned to Stop Caring and Love American Decline,” that not only America can be saved from a “band of leftists that have hijacked the country,” but that America is worth saving.

“This is a new battling cry for those of us who want to restore America back to the founding principles,” she says. “I wanted to create a new template for America in the 21st century.”

If you’re a conservative, you must read The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic by David Limbaugh and What the (Bleep) Just Happened: A Happy Warriors Guide to the Great American Comeback by Monica Crowley, then pass them along to your “undecided” voter friends. Both are available now.

The future of America is at stake. Limbaugh and Crowley explain why and how you can protect it.

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