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The Impact of a Pro-Islam Presidency

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Should conservatives’ sanity or patriotism be questioned if they believe President Obama is too sympathetic to Islam?

Certainly our nation is one that prizes religious liberty, but just because an American can choose a faith does not mean that faith should be praised or prioritized over others—especially when that faith is so frequently used as an excuse to kill Americans.


President Obama has clearly chosen sides to protect the image of Islam as a “religion of peace” over articulating an agenda to protect Americans from radical Islam.

The latest example occurred just hours after the savage terror attack by a devout Muslim in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which took the lives of five American military men. President Obama tweeted this important message:

“From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!” — @POTUS

I understand that politicians often tweet religious greetings for all sorts of faiths, but this tweet went out two hours before even acknowledging the murders of our decorated Marines.

When he finally got to a statement, he described the murders as a “heartbreaking circumstance.” A “heartbreaking circumstance,” not an Islamic terrorist attack.

In this written statement, Obama also made sure to remind “…every American of respecting those of all faiths and beliefs.” Of course, the faith he is clearly talking about here is Islam, as he wags his finger at us to demand we show reverence.

To President Obama and his communications team, celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan–and reminding us to respect the religion of Islam–was a far greater priority than the terror attack that killed five Marines, whose killer had shown clear inspiration from Islam’s teachings on his blog.


In this case, and others like the Fort Hood terror attack which the administration called “workplace violence,” President Obama refused to call out radicals who use Islam to justify murder.

Beyond just refusing to call these extremists, look at the holiday President Obama was celebrating. Progressives forget to tell us that the Ramadan’s spirit of giving and “aiding those in need” referenced in Obama’s statement means only giving zakat (charity) to Muslims in need. Unlike Christianity that supports basic human rights and gives charity to people regardless of their beliefs, it is against the religion of Islam to give charity to non-Muslims, which Islamic law forbids.

Imagine the firestorm of progressive attacks on the Catholic Church–one of the world’s leading charities–if it decided to give only to Catholics in need and no one else?

President Obama vigorously defends and respects an ideology that only supports its own members at the expense of others, and that violates basic human rights around the globe.

Then there’s the Iran nuclear deal that Obama pushed through at the U.N. that will inevitably give Iran the nuclear bomb within the next decade, further destabilizes the region, and threatens Israel and our allies.


Iran is the world’s #1 state sponsor of terror. History shows that the Iranians cannot be trusted to hold up their end of the bargain, and will immediately start using the hundreds of billions of dollars in sanction relief to fund more deadly violence against Americans, the West, and Israel. Even the Obama administration admits these facts.

Again, President Obama chose sides: a lopsided nuclear agreement clearly favoring the genocidal, radical Islamic Republic of Iran over American and Israeli lives.

This trend makes more sense when you look at President Obama’s closest aid and chief advisor, Iranian-born progressive Valerie Jarrett. It was widely reported that she was the advisor that resisted all efforts to take out Usama Bin Laden months after his location was known. She has also been the point person in charge of inviting over a dozen radical Muslims–many with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood—to the White House.

President Obama was an ardent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood taking power in Egypt in 2011; this is an organization that openly violates human rights on a massive scale and promotes the death penalty for the “crimes” of apostasy, critics of Islam, victims of rape, and gays.

From supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to the Iran Deal, to calling the terror attack on Fort Hood “workplace violence,” to honoring Ramadan before denouncing the murder of our Marines in Chattanooga, President Obama has proven himself to be the most pro-Islam president in history.


Whether or not people think that this will have a profoundly negative impact on our nation’s security and future—certainly I do—my hope is that conservatives are allowed to start a conversation about President Obama’s actions without being labeled racist, Islamophobic, or crazy. This pro-Islam trend from the Obama Administration cannot be ignored, or we will pay the heavy price of the potential consequences.


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