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Abir Sultan /Pool photo via AP

Editor's Note: This is an adapted excerpt from "Titus, Trump, and the Triumph of Israel." 

It is no coincidence that Christians and Jews are finally coming together in the very same city where they parted ways more than two thousand years ago. I am often reminded of King Solomon’s words: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). The twenty-first century has brought a new season of change, and for anyone with faith, who has eyes to see, it is clear that we have a grand purpose under heaven – and the time to act is now.

But to determine the best course of action, it is important to first reflect on how far we have come, in a relatively short span, and where we currently stand in the big picture. Throughout time, the Jewish people have remained steadfast and overcome grueling obstacles – from a period where polytheism pervaded Roman culture to when General Titus destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and sent them into a prolonged and stormy exile. For two thousand years, the Jewish people were dispersed across the world, ruthlessly persecuted for their faith. Yet they remained a people apart, preserved their sacred traditions, and never abandoned hope that they would one day reunite in their homeland.

Today, the Jewish people are finally back in Israel and against all odds, Israel continues to flourish. Enthralled visitors and inspired immigrants pour in from around the world. Some travel there to marvel at the plethora of modern innovations; others come to breathe in the spiritual air while walking along the same ancient streets where biblical personalities rose to prominence. Just being in the land provides a religious experience. In the same vein, the Ministry of Tourism in Israel has a fantastic slogan: “If you like the book, you will love the country.”

But after light comes darkness. And history repeats itself. The age-old virus of anti-Semitism has resurfaced and is spreading in the form of anti-Zionism. Israel faces daily threats of terrorism stemming from neighboring governments that espouse the teachings of radical Islam, deny Israel’s right to exist, and seek Arab domination over the entire land they call Palestine. Arab broadcasts throughout the Middle East are flooded with violent animosity toward Jews. Young schoolchildren are educated about the evil intention of the Zionists and encouraged to engage in violent activity. In America, hatred takes a shrewder form. Anti-Israel bias has penetrated the liberal media and academia, where many professors feed their students an oversimplified and distorted view of the conflict, driven primarily by resentment.

Until recently, Israel – like the Jewish people throughout history – stood alone amid a hostile environment and needed to continually defend itself from libelous accusations. Now, for the first time, Israel has a global network of advocates. Bible-believing Christians on different continents are openly backing Israel, willing to swim against the current and stand up for what is right. Recognizing this surge of support coming from Christian communities led to the formation of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus in 2004.

This caucus, consisting of a cross section of Knesset members, provides a forum for direct communication and coordination between the Knesset and Christian organizations around the world. Representatives from both groups now meet face to face to discuss the most critical issues. The popularity of the KCAC serves as a signal to the world of the close ties between these two groups based on their faith and common values. News of the caucus’s accomplishments has galvanized Christian grassroots supporters of Israel, who are using faith-based diplomacy to effect positive change.

In America, Bible-believing Christians have a president who has implemented significant changes in line with their views – both by rectifying the grave mistakes of the previous administrations and by taking bold new steps. This current leadership reflects a new trend. Previously, Bible-believing Christians looked for a squeaky-clean candidate with a conservative background and wholesome family values to represent them. While campaigning, these men made all the right assurances; yet when elected to office, they were not able to follow through. Every presidential candidate since 1995, for example, pledged to move the embassy to Jerusalem; none of them did it.

The election in 2016 marked a shift wherein Bible-believing Christians opted to elect someone who they believed had the fortitude to deliver on his promises. While Donald Trump didn’t fit the profile of a Christian leader, they determined it preferable to have someone strong and able to represent their views. Trump proved to be the right choice as one of the few politicians who kept his word.

Because Bible-believing Christians in America have a leader like President Trump who is willing to listen to them, we’ve seen some of the most critical changes in America’s relationship with Israel, which now gives real peace a chance. The only path to peace comes from following the biblical guidelines – recognizing the Jewish people’s connection to the land of Israel and ensuring the safety of its citizens – rather than taking the politically correct route at the expense of Israel’s well-being. For men and women of faith, Trump’s policies on Israel, driven by his Christian supporters, are part of a series of biblical prophecies.

To counteract the malign efforts of Israel’s enemies, a great global awakening has occurred wherein men and women of faith are rising in their political echelons. Christians around the world will continue to support candidates, like Donald Trump, who are willing to implement policies in line with the biblical values they treasure.Today, it is Christians, not countries, who are standing with Israel.

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