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Encouraging Manhood Prevents Shootings

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The only thing that stops a bad coward with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

But no, our society has been so conditioned by the lily leftists to say that we should not have weapons at the ready in our schools, in care facilities, our military bases (still cannot figure that one out) and especially around women.  In fact, they have said that any aggression on the part of males is wrong.  By extension male means gun.

The left has made much of our collective society afraid of guns while they go around with their security details.  You think the anti-gun people will give up their security details?  About as much of a chance that they will stop late-term abortions.

When I was growing up there were shooting clubs in school.  Think about that.  We had guns in schools growing up, and my parents had the Bible in schools, and there were no shootings by loner students, even those who had been bullied.

You know what else was encouraged in schools back then?  Men being men and, if necessary, fighting it out and then dropping the issue.

Men didn’t feel the need to shoot each other up.  In the old school we fought it out on the playground and afterward you became friends.The Army understood this once as this very funny and true video points out (spoiler, some language may offend someone).

Society as a whole got that too.  Men got their aggressions out on each other back in the day and then it was over. Often, they became good friends afterward.  Even schools understood this.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out from a family show that was actually considered quite liberal back in the day. 

Now because of zero tolerance even if a child is defending himself in a fight they will be suspended from school.  Forget about gun clubs.

Theodore Roosevelt’s father understood masculinity when young Teddy was growing up.  Roosevelt’s dad told his son that he had the mind but not the body.  Today if a man says that to his son perhaps he will be arrested for emotional abuse or exploitation.  At the very least bring social services over.  But Theodore Roosevelt became a strong man.  He was a great warrior and hunter, yet also had a bear cub named after him and won the Nobel Peace Prize when it meant something.  He did not allow society to dictate his weaknesses to him. Instead, he had a father who encouraged him and was not afraid to do so.

We have allowed the lily leftists to say that all aggression, and by extension manhood, is wrong while also allowing them to disarm the most vulnerable, the women. We also have Hollywood, who also loves their security details, to turn women into objects instead of examples of grace, femininity, and motherhood.

The left applies band aids to problems of society because they are interested, like their Marxists brothers they are drawing ever closer to, in political power.  They say, “Go through the citizens police academy, take karate, get a dog.”  They never encourage the most vulnerable to get the one thing that is guaranteed to stop an evil person with a gun; a gun.  But the powerful will never give up their guns.

The powerful are so obsessed with guns and power that only one conclusion can be drawn; they hate their women almost as much as they hate manhood. It’s time to bring back real manhood and protect the ladies.

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