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Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues with her attempted resurrection which is about as exciting as a proverbial yawn.

The bar keeps going lower for Hillary.  The nation did not want her in 2016, her own party did not want her in 2008, and her own party did not want her health care plan in the 1990s.  She leaves no discernible legacy as first lady. Her own law students did not like her in the 1970s.  So she returns to the scenes of her only success, Wellesley College, were she protested against the anti-communist war America was fighting in Vietnam.

After comparing President Trump to Richard Nixon, incidentally the most liberal president in the latter half of the 20th century, Hillary saw fit to say that President Trump’s budget policies are one of “unimaginable cruelty.”

Unimaginable cruelty is Hillary supporting policies that encourage and allow unborn children to have their brains sucked out; the one “medical” procedure Democrats don’t like talking about.

Unimaginable cruelty is not owning up to the fact that ordinary people, who do not have the wealth and privilege of Hillary, have been thrown in jail for doing less than a tenth of what she has done in deleting evidence after getting a subpoena.

Unimaginable cruelty is enslaving generation after generation of our poorest and most vulnerable citizens, continuing a Democrat legacy seen since the 1830s.

Unimaginable cruelty is ensuring enough abortion clinics stay open in those poor communities to keep their population low, so that their numbers are low enough to keep them enslaved and never a threat to her elitist power structure.

Unimaginable cruelty is ignoring requests for increased security for our Ambassador to Libya and then saying during the inquiry into his death “What difference does it make?”

Unimaginable cruelty is treating your Secret Service agents like garbage, while making it harder for ordinary Americans to have the safety Hillary has.

Unimaginable cruelty is defending a child rapist and then gloating about it.

Unimaginable cruelty is using terms such as “unimaginable cruelty” when talking about a president who proposes budget cuts when our nation is beyond broke and future generations will suffer tenfold for such out of control spending.

Such terms as “unimaginable cruelty” are best reserved for the worst of people and Hillary is among them.  She has all the privileges of citizenship yet eschews its responsibilities so that her own power can be increased.  What makes Hillary bad is that she knows better.  She does not even care about the long term sustainability of the Democrats.  If she did she would urge the Democrats to seek a new look, just as her husband, for a time, successfully did.  However, the Democrats are too far gone to turn back now thanks to people like Hillary.

Hillary is a failure who chose the quick and easy path.  She is without courage, which may explain why she projected and had to count herself among the poorest when she said, “When Bill left office we were broke”, and the heroic when she said, “We landed under fire in Bosnia.”  Courage means nothing to her and her party, especially the ordinary courage of everyday Americans.

Her policies of dependence ensure government tyranny and dependence, generation after generation, for the poorest and most vulnerable of our citizens.  She forgets them while promoting the agenda of those whom are not even citizens of our country. 

Hillary, you were despised by your own on the Watergate committee, your own did not want you for health care in the '90s, your own did not want you in 2008, and we did not want you in 2016.  But keep speaking, Hillary.  Keep reminding us why we keep rejecting you; your unimaginable cruelty towards the most vulnerable.  That is your only legacy.

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