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Liberals, Islamists Take Same Stand on Free Speech

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apzzyk12 wrote: As a comrade (progressive Democrat), I would like to remind the author that it was over the very strong objections of the TEA party that the Democrats passsed the Lilly Ledbetter Act , which allows women to sue at any time, if they have been paid less than the males for doing the same work. The the Federal system, one has some idea of what others make by their GS level, so there is very little discrimination in that system, while in the private sector it remains taboo for employees to compare wages.- Mitt Who?


Dear Pzzy,

Employees in the private sector can compare wages, and often do. But they can also choose not to compare them. It’s called privacy.

If you are arguing the superiority of the federal government when it comes to wages and human resources versus the private sector, you’ve come to the wrong place.

First, get your facts straight.

The Tea Party is a loosely defined group of people like me who believe we have been taxed enough already, thus T.E.A. We also generally agree that we are tired of the government lousing up things like education, housing, energy, banking. For every private sector abuse you can point to as complicit in the 2008 crash, there were worse ones committed by the government that created the crisis.

The Lilly Ledbetter Act, however, was not opposed by the Tea Party because the Tea Party as such did not exist.

The act was passed on January 29th, 2009. The Tea Party however was not really organized until the February 19th, 2009 remarks made by Rick Santelli on CNBC about holding another Tea Party protest.

Ron Paul will claim the movement started with him in 2007, but then I think he also thinks that he discovered electricity and Benjamin Franklin is the devil.

That said the Tea Party was only effective really starting in 2010, when politicians who got elected by Tea Party volunteers showed up in Congress.

As someone who is both Tea Party and Establishment Republican, I can say that St. Paul is not someone who matters that much when it comes to the Tea Party or the GOP.


His son is a different matter. Rand Paul matters very much—to both.

But let’s get back to your assertion that we should have a human resource and pay model based on the postal service and the White House—that is the federal government.

A recent analysis by the Daily Caller shows that despite being the repository of Obama’s phone and pen, the White House pays women 11 percent less than men. Another analysis shows the gap to be 13 percent. So the vaunted federal system, where Obama can do whatever he wants with pay, still has a pay gap.

There is a lot to the pay gap issue as the White House data shows. Companies already are banned from discriminating against women on issues of pay, in ways that the White House and Congress exempt themselves.

If there is wage discrimination in the private sector, people have legal recourse. If there is wage discrimination in the White House people’s legal recourse is likely an IRS audit.

That's not a system I'll support. 

ericynot1 wrote: rm, there's something quite peculiar about a guy who insults even those on his side of the fence. And then, even though that's called to his attention, reruns the insult a few weeks later. I'd hate to be Ransom's doctor because (1) he's overweight, (2) he's angry and stressed all the time, and (3) he clearly doesn't listen to advice from anyone ever, medical or otherwise. I'd be very surprised if John makes it to 60. Good luck to the Broncos. I want to see them playing Dallas in the SB. Then we'd have something to jaw about besides the constant political BS (and it will be even more interesting for me since my sister's in Denver). - Mitt Who?


Dear Comrade Y,

I insult ANYONE, Left or Right. Duh. It’s a column... with humor. 

As one of my most faithful readers you should appreciate why I do it.

A sportswriter who I very much admire at a big city newspaper once told me, “It doesn’t matter if people like you or hate you. They just have to read you.”

For me that means saying what’s on my mind in the context of the column.

It’s a column Comrade Y.

Lighten up Francis.

I never thought I’d make it to 40, yet alone 50.

60 will be a stretch, yes.

Thanks for the good wishes though.

And you think I have anger problems?

Doctor Roy wrote: So when was it that you guys turned into Francophiles? I can remember back in 2003 when Republicans tried to change the name of French fries to freedom fries because France opposed the invasion of Iraq. I think they even succeeded for a while. Let me try and pinpoint it, though. Was it sometime in 2008?France's ambassador to the United States, Gerard Araud, sought to show there are no hard feelings, tweeting on Monday: "I am extremely grateful for the overwhelming support France has received from everybody here, from the President to the ordinary American. Now I don't know why they didn't send a "higher official" but if it didn't bother the French ambassador why should it bother you? - Not the Prophet of Peace, May Peace be Upon Him (*sarc font)


Dear Comrade Doctor,

Here’s a concept for you, and liberals in general, to work on: There are gradations to things. Everything in life is not binary, either true, false, 1, 0.

I am not Francophile. In fact, I think the first column I wrote on the Charlie massacre was that I am not Charlie. Frankly, the humor offended me.

But only a freakin’ liberal or Islamist—same thing? Anyone?—would think that something offensive would qualify someone for the death penalty.

We’ve had American journalists—liberals of course-- actually question if offensive anti-Muslim speech should even be allowed under the First Amendment.

Andrea Mitchell asked with a straight face why provocative cartoons should be allowed in France and the U.S.

“Why is it permissible to be as provocative as these anti-Muslim cartoons were? This is the debate we are having journalistically here in the United States as well,” Mitchell asked the French Ambassador. 

Getting past the fact that she said “free speech” started in France in the 1700s, 18th Century, when in fact Anglo-Saxon free speech dates before anything that happened in France, can you imagine Mitchell asking the same question under the same circumstances if the cartoons were anti-Christian?

Here’s a question: If your ideas are so superior why do you have such crappy spokespuppets like Mitchell and Sharpton?


I am neither a Francophobe or a Francophile.

When God created the world he wanted one perfect place, the old joke goes. So he created France. But realizing he had overdone it a bit, he then created Frenchmen.

ehall wrote: Mr. Ransom, you have done better work than this. First, I find it naive to think that Putin is a unique Russian leader - that there are no others who would fill his shoes. Second, who would be Michael Brown in this conflict? Who earned his shooting? Rising out of a revolution provoked by the US, Ethnic Ukranians abuse ethnic Russians and the Russians get help from Moscow. No surprise here. And of course Russia wants to maintain a sphere of influence separating it from NATO. All this seems obvious, and how the US could not have expected this is incomprehensible. Finally, the US leadership passivist attitude has indeed created a vacuum which certainly will be filled - by Russia in Central Asia and the Arctic and by China around the China Sea. The US has a vacuum of leadership, at home and abroad. - Being Nadiya Savchenko, American Ally, Hero

Dear Comrade Shill,

Go back to Moscow and tell your betters we know who you are.

You are a paid hack for Russia. It’s amazing how many new readers crop up with comments to make, and assertions devoid of any validity, anytime I write about Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine.

Ukrainians were not abusing ethnic Russians. This is a land grab by Putin, plain and simple. Just as it was in Georgia.


We have seen the playbook before…in Hitler’s Germany.

“If [Poland] should implement further repression measures against the Germans there,” Hitler told the Reichstag as the Wehrmacht invaded Poland thus starting WWII, “or if Poland should attempt to destroy Danzig economically by imposing high customs on it; then Germany could simply no longer be expected to stand by without taking action.”

Your assertion that Putin is just an ordinary guy doing what any ordinary guy would do is also hollow.

Russia’s leaders are claiming that Russians will “starve” rather than surrender Putin. He certainly looks like the new Man of Steel.

"It erupted [in Ukraine] but it could have been anywhere,” said Igor Shuvalov, the deputy prime minister. “This is about the West trying to show us our place and refusing to treat us an equal. They are telling us to sit in a corner quietly. If this doesn't change, it will be a bleeding wound for decades. People don't blame Putin because they know this is an attack against Russia.”

Russia has been responsible for more deaths of its own citizens, and of citizens in places like Ukraine and Poland in the last hundred years than any other country. Russia as a political entity doesn’t get to push other countries around because its leaders are worried their penises are too small.

War, more war, and death will be the result. It’s inescapable if Moscow does not come to its senses.


Oh, and tell Putin to put his shirt back on.

Obama won’t be president forever and the rest of us aren’t impressed with either emperor wearing no clothes.

That’s it for this week,



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