Stop Radical Ohio Terror!

Posted: Jan 16, 2015 11:55 AM
Stop Radical Ohio Terror!

While dozens of Islamic terrorists are being arrested across Europe in an unprecedented crack down on radical Islamic ideology, it’s comforting to know that here in the United States we don’t have a problem with radical Islamic terrorism.

Oh sure, there is workplace violence and such. And terror plots… BUT these have nothing to do with the Prophet Mohammed, we now know.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t out of the woods yet.

There is something even more sinister out there.

Radical. Ohio. Terror.


You may have read the headline, or seen the movie: Ohio man accused in Capitol terror plot due in court, says the headline from the Associated Press.

Or this one from the Tribune Wire Service: Ohio man charged with wanting to attack US Capitol.

Or this from CBS: Ohio Man Charged With Plotting to Attack US Capitol

Yes. Would someone please put a stop to radical Ohio terror.

Isn’t Ohio where Joe the Plumber came from?



Speaking of Sarah Palin…

I think the best way to describe Christopher Lee Cornell, the alleged Ohio man in the plot to attack the capitol, who goes by the name Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, and wished to express sympathy for ISIS in his plot to attack the US Capitol, is clearly to call him an “Ohio man.”

Because his association with the Buckeye State is paramount to the developing story.

This likely why the FBI has offices in Ohio to begin with, to keep an eye on those radical Ohioans.

On the other hand “Buckeye Terrorist” also has a certain cache now that the Ohio State University won the national championship.

But fortunately, the Associated Press, and other news outlets, displaying the highest standards of journalistic integrity, have not been able to absolutely verify if Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah is indeed an Ohio state fan, so the moniker “Ohio man” will likely stick.

And then there is that whole Tea Party thing.

What is it about Ohio anyway that creates such hatred that someone would want to blow up the United States Capitol?

I mean besides Cleveland?

Maybe because it’s the home of those dangerous Ohioans who cling to their guns and their religion…Christian religion that is.

Because clearly Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah’s Islamic beliefs were incidental to his desire to attack the US Capitol.

“[His father] describes the youth who lived in his parents' apartment in suburban Cincinnati as a ‘mommy's boy,’ someone who spent hours playing video games in his bedroom and had said he was ‘at peace’ after becoming a practicing Muslim,” reports the Associated Press.

Of course he was. We know it is a religion of peace because we’ve been told it over and over.

So, we can count this as just another great blessing that the Prophet Obama brought us. Imagine if the press had no wise guidance from the Most Blessed Servant of God…by that I mean not Obama, but the Washington Post.

We might be just like Europe, running around arresting Islamists who wish to kill police, instead of concentrating on Ohio.

And you have to admit, along low, low gas prices, Ohio terror is at an all-time low.

Thank you Obama.