NY Cops Shame the Democrats

Posted: Jan 05, 2015 12:01 AM

Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, and his inauguration in 2009, Democrats have increasingly shown no shame.

They showed no shame when they passed the trillion dollar stimulus bill that was so full of pork that it failed to produce jobs; they showed no shame when they handed out Department of Energy “green” loans to their cronies; they showed no shame when they pandered to Hispanics, while not providing them the comprehensive immigration reform that Democrats say they favored; they showed no shame by giving Al Sharpton his own TV show; they showed no shame in the way they passed Obamacare.

And in fact, in countless ways, in their own inimitable fashion, Democrats acted like they had no more shame to give.


There was Gabby Gifford shooting, which they blamed on the Tea Party—wrongfully-- amid cries of “new civility” –which apparently meant that the Left could say any awful thing about the Right, and the Right was supposed to thank Democrats for even noticing them.

There was Occupy Wall Street, a misanthropic posse of poseurs and misfits, who tried to act all grassrootsy by eating arugula and goat cheese salads with marinated beets amidst homeless people until even the homeless got sick of it.

There was the bogus War on Women that Obama electioneered on because Republican’s objected to subsiding $5 birth control pills.

Then there was the real war on women, waged by the Left, which saw families struggling to make ends meet because Obamanics meant prosperity would only rest with the propertied class.

There was the refusal to approve the Keystone XL pipeline during the greatest energy boom this country has seen in over 50 years.

There was that shameful Russian reset, which blamed the state of American-Russian relations on America.

There was the NSA spying scandal, and the IRS spying scandal, and the White House spying scandal that saw the Obama administration spying on journalists.

There was the Benghazi affair, in which an American embassy was sacked, embassy staff assassinated, and an administration that made up a bogus cover-up story about a YouTube video insulting to Islam being at the heart of it. Memo to Sony: Videos that are displeasing to dictators should not be allowed.

There was the implementation of Obamacare, where they couldn’t even get the website to work; the delay of key provisions of Obamacare, wherein the president got to decide which parts of the law would be enforced and which neglected, because the Obamacare itself is unworkable.

There was the failure to get even a single vote for a budget. There was a failure even to pass a budget—for years.

There was Fast and Furious, an operation that saw the United States government shipping arms to drug cartels across the border, in part, in an effort to get support for gun control.

There was and continues to be an effort to prevent disclosure of facts surrounding both Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

There was the General Motors bankruptcy where the government made up law as they went along just to satisfy union demands.

There was the attempted recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin because he sided with taxpayers against the union. There was the passing of ridiculous control measures in Colorado that got Democrats legislators recalled.

There was the rise of ISIS, the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the war in Libya, the wars in Ukraine, and in Syria and the wars in Africa—all resting on a foundation of defeatist foreign and defense policy promulgated by Democrats.

There are so many failures and shameful incidents that one can’t even begin to count.

And through it all the Democrats have showed no shame.

In fact, they have scolded and lectured the rest of us like we are stupid children who don’t understand what they can’t explain.

But there is no answer to make, no lecture to give, when a thousand New York City police officers turn their backs on you, as they have recently with New York Mayor De Blasio, and by proxy Barack Obama and Eric Holder—all of whom have allied themselves with criminals over the police and law abiding citizens.

The police are saying what a grateful nation can not.

Have you no shame, sirs? Have you no shame?

And there is nothing these Democrats can say.

Because the answer they give can only be: “No, sirs, we have no shame at all.”