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An Out-of-Touch Elitist (Howeird Dean) Complains About Out-of-Touch Elitists

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Howeird Dean-- once chair of the DNC, once Governor of Vermont, who grew up at the Maidstone Golf Club in the Hamptons, attended prep school both in the US and in the UK, went to Yale, dodged the draft-- is having a meltdown again.


Once famous for melting down on the air after coming in third in the Iowa caucuses, thereby ensuring he won nothing else, Dean is complaining that Obamacare was written by a bunch of elitists who don’t understand Americans.

Well, duh: They’re Democrats.

“The core problem under this damn law is that it was put together by a bunch of elitists who don't really fundamentally understand the American people,” said Dean on one of the endlessly mind-numbing and totally Democrat TV programs sponsored by MSNBC.

Dean was responding on the show Morning Joe to Obamacare evil genius Jonathon Gruber’s admission that lie was pile on lie to pass Obamacare because American voters are too stupid to understand what was best for them.

However, appearing on another one of the endlessly mind-numbing and totally Democrat TV programs sponsored by MSNBC, this time with daytime anchor Alex Wagner in April of 2014, Dean had slightly less anger about elites lying on Obamacare.

“You are going to see this all over the country,” said Dean, suggesting that Obamacare was a wining issue to campaign on, “in fact you already are seeing this all over the country. There's a poll today, the folks suggested that we ought to be on the offensive on Obamacare. We ought to be supporting it. We ought to be proud that we supported it because it is in fact providing people with health care. And nobody knows that better than the people of Kentucky. This is a poor state. A lot of people uninsured. A lot of those people have insurance [now]. That's not going to help Mitch McConnell.”


Mitch McConnell, Republican, it will be noted, won his race by 15.5% in what was predicted to be a competitive race against Alison Lundergan Grimes, Democrat elitist, who embraced Obamacare starting in May, while shunning Obama himself.
In a blog post that The Washington Post subsequently purged (see here) the Post reported Grimes promise during a debate with McConnell to “fix” Obamacare and the accusation that McConnell lived in a fantasyland for opposing Obamacare.

But then Dean also said that the Democrats would win Arkansas (they lost); Iowa (they lost that too); North Carolina (another loss) and Alaska (yep, loss).

The crowing achievement that would bring them victory?


Since it’s passage, a majority of the Americans have NEVER supported Obamacare.

So by definition, there is something in Dean’s assertion that Obamacare is largely supported by elitists who don’t understand the American people.

But like Dean’s Iowa meltdown, the public screaming, crying, carrying on and finger pointing of those like Gruber, Grimes, Pelosi and Dean at least have a salutary effect.

The American people are getting a first-hand look at what the elites who know so much better than the rest of us what is good for us, really think of the American people.


For years the American people have puzzled over this conundrum: Are the Democrats well-meaning but just incompetent, or is their incompetence complimented by their deceit?

Well now the puzzle has been solved. The stupid voters have spoken.

And we’ve found out the voters are not quite as stupid as the elitists think or need them to be.

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