When a Little Odd Mixes with a Little Islam

Posted: Sep 29, 2014 12:01 AM

Alton Nolen, the man who is suspected of beheading a former coworker after being fired in Oklahoma, it’s now being described by the major media as a guy who is just “a little odd.” That’s the description they got from people who worshipped at the same mosque as Nolen anyway.

“A spokesman for an Oklahoma City Islamic group,” reports CBSNews, “says a man accused of beheading one woman and attacking another at a food processing plant from which he was fired was seen as ‘a little odd’ and ‘a little weird’ by those who attended the same mosque he did.”

In a related development the FBI is treating the beheading not as a crime inspired by religious fanaticism but as standard workplace violence.

“But the FBI,” reports the Washington Post, “which is assisting in the investigation, has so far found no links to terrorism, the officials said. There was also no indication that Nolen was copying the beheadings of journalists in Syria by the Islamic State, the officials said, adding that they are treating this as an incident of workplace violence.”

In a related related development, when searching for photos to use for a related story on Nolen, the Associated Press gave me a great variety of photos from Ferguson, MO, the scene of widespread rioting in the wake of the shooting of a black man there by police.

What’s the connection between the Ferguson, MO shooting and the beheading in Oklahoma?

Only the lies told in the aftermath.

To call the beheading of innocent woman not related to the terror beheadings that have been in the news for weeks now isn’t just incorrect, it’s a deliberate distortion of the truth aimed at effect.

Imagine for example if the Catholic Church, in the wake of this “workplace” violence, decided to charter 500 buses with prefabricated placards and ship down activists from their prolife groups to demonstrate in Oklahoma City against Islam. Imagine if these prolife Rosary warriors took over the city and smashed windows and burned building demanding that mosques enroll everyone in sensitivity training. Imagine if they also demand that everyone consider converting to Catholicism.

Imagine too if in all of this they were aided and abetted by an Attorney General who is Catholic, and who encouraged the violence to continue because he too had been discriminated against for being Catholic.

Because much of my hypothetical is what took place in the Ferguson, MO shooting, which by the way, was never categorized as routine workplace violence for the cop on duty, as it should have been.

My hypothetical is meant only to draw this distinction for both Ferguson and Oklahoma: Not only is the reaction of our government today embarrassing in their lies, it’s also predictable in them.

Because whether its calling every act of violence on American soil perpetrated by Islamists ordinary, garden variety “workplace” violence, or using buses to undermine municipal government when a sketchy guy gets shot by police, this is a government of lies run by the liars who tell them.

It’s getting a little thin and it’s getting a little old.

The government—and their media satellites-- should try surprising us every once in awhile.

Don’t tell us the guy who beheaded someone is a little odd.

Tell us the truth instead.

Tell us that he’s a little Islam.