Prepare for War

Posted: Sep 05, 2014 12:01 AM

Vlad the Impaler made a rare mistake the other day when state-controlled media in Russia admitted that Russia and Ukraine had agreed to a cease-fire.

“Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin and agreed on steps for a cease-fire,” reports USAToday, “the Ukrainian leader's office announced Wednesday. Putin, speaking during a quick trip to Mongolia, outlined what he said was a seven-point plan for peace in eastern Ukraine and said a deal could be final as early as Friday.”

The admission was more proof, if any was needed, of what everyone except Obama already knows: The war raging in Ukraine is largely the creation of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s current dictator.

Putin, for his part, does a pretty good imitation of Adolf Hitler in his heyday, getting away with just as much as he can, gobbling up as much territory as possible, before calming the troubled waters with Russian-produced snake oil.

While Russian media attempted to backtrack on Putin’s admission of controlling the war in Ukraine, the cat was out of the bag: One can’t agree to a cease-fire unless of course one actually controls the fighting.

“The Russian propagandists almost lost control of the spin on Putin's talk with Poroshenko,” writes Townhall Finance’s intelligence correspondent NightWatch. “The initial reports in Russian media stated that Ukraine and Russia had agreed to a permanent ceasefire. That description suggested that Poroshenko managed to induce Putin to admit he was in control of the fighting in eastern Ukraine and, by implication, that Russian soldiers were involved and under Russian command and control.”

The little lie that Russia has nothing to do with the fighting in Ukraine is still being floated by Putin, however. It’s floated to allay European concerns about Putin’s intentions in Eastern Europe. Poland and the Baltic states are rushing to the protection of NATO, a force long ago created to protect Europe from Russia. Russian aggression is an eventuality that never should have been discounted by Obama, Hillary, Rand Paul or anyone truly desiring that America not be involved in a general war in Europe against Russia.

Because like Hitler, Putin seems to have taken the measure of his opponents, and found them coming up short. A fever crisis under Hitler was generally followed by peaceful interludes where normal relations were reestablished. The “democracies” would then express their joy over the war they put off for a few more months or a few more years, joy that perversely fueled Hitler’s next military gambit.

It is in fact the very unthinkablity of war in Europe between Russia and the West that Putin is counting on to reestablish normal relationships, fuel Western joy—and the stock market—and fuel his next gambit in Eastern Europe.

Obama, anxious to push any credible cover story that will make it clear “I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for this”—his normal stance when confronted with his own failures—will likely condemn and cajole Russia in public, while permitting and promising in private whatever Russia wishes.

So the plan ought to be to completely and one-hundred percent discount Obama as a president responsible for foreign policy. We already know that he’s irresponsible in fact in this area. The great man of peace prizes cares not for peace or war, but only for Obama.

For those on both sides of the aisle who are legitimate men of peace, the best and quickest path to peace is to prepare vigorously for war.