Obama Losing It as ‘Press-titutes’ Flee

Posted: Jun 19, 2014 12:01 AM

This is what it looks like when Obama loses it.

We’ve witnessed this before, but this time it’s a little different.

This time Obama’s the target of a coordinated attack by the mainstream media. The press-titutes, as my friend Shawn Mitchell happily calls them, are heaping scorn on the president in a way that previously was reserved only for conservative news outlets.

Obama's Presidency Is on the Ropes – Again- says NBC.com.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Approval Rating Falls to New Low- says Time.

Remember when foreign policy was Obama’s strong suit? Not anymore- says the Washington Post.

I don't actually remember when foreign policy was Obama’s strong suit.

I remember a time when the world expressed their anti-Americanism by embracing Obama--more about that in a second.

I also remember when Americans preferred disengagement to being a leader in the world-- that defeatist attitude taken by so-called libertarians, Democrats, and Know-Nothings that gulls the country into a false sense of security.

But it’s informative that the official Party line as prescribed by the WaPo is that Obama’s foreign policy is a failure…now.

I’m guessing previously-- when Hillary was in charge—foreign policy was just fine, with the guiding hand of a strong confident woman whose most impressive resume item was not staying home and baking cookies because, well, Bill was never home, was he?

Perhaps had he stayed home more, Hillary’s cooking would have kept the pounds off.

I like this concept of “press-titues.”

While Obama thought he owned the media, in truth he only rented them.

Because the media is now practicing their newest Obama narrative: Obama had great ideas, but he wasn’t a great manager.

“He may be winning the issues debate,” says Democrat pollster Peter Hart, who conducts polls jointly with a Republican for the Wall Street Journal and NBC, “but he’s losing the political debate, because they don’t see him as a leader.”

That’s because he’s not a leader.

Never has been.

He’s basked in the adulation that was given him by: 1) his skin color; and 2) his fleeting, now tedious, oratory skills.

He’s often a panderer. He’s always an opportunist.

Leader? Nope.

He isn’t even winning on the issues debate.

Getting past the fact that in 2010 he presided over one of the most lopsided mid-term defeats in history, his 2012 re-election tended to confirm only two things: 1) Obama’s still black; and 2) yes, he was going to raise taxes on all of us, no matter what he said to the contrary.

Obama has always been an expression of nothing more than the growing dissatisfaction with the governing elite worldwide.

That’s why the world embraced him.

As the most powerful country in the history of the world, America is bound to take some shots at a time when global agitation is growing with how we are governed worldwide.

The Tea Party, Occupy, the Arab Spring and yes, even Obama, are all expressions of deep dissatisfaction with the way we are ruled today.

The mistake that the world made was in thinking that Obama was an outsider, when in fact he’s the consummate insider. Everything he has done, everything he’s been given, has been because the insiders, like Warren Buffett, GE, Goldman Sachs, and their lackeys, the press-titutes, have allowed him these gifts.

And now they are about to take those gifts away and try to confer them on another insider of whom they approve: Romney, McCain, Clinton, Bush, someone, anyone, who will keep the game going.

They will never humiliate him completely because that would denigrate his one legitimate strength with insiders that they still need to use—his skin color.

But Obama’s getting an education about the difference between being a reigning Miss America and a former Miss America.

He’s losing it; he’s losing his title.