The Top Ten Hillary Clinton Diplomatic Accomplishments to be Proud Of

Posted: May 28, 2014 12:01 AM
The Top Ten Hillary Clinton Diplomatic Accomplishments to be Proud Of

It's time for the international game where I pass judgment on the foreign policy accomplishments of Hillary Clinton, and perhaps a few others as if it were a bored game, pun intended.

10) The Russian Reset Button: If you are going to try to reset relations with a foreign power with a makeshift model of the “easy” button, you ought to do the easiest thing you can at least: get the foreign word for “reset” correct. I mean we pay people at the State Department for this type of thing, right? In a $46.2 billion budget can’t they afford to buy the dictionaries of all 57 foreign languages, 58 if you count Hawaii? Anyone hear of Google Translate? Oh, yeah. That’s right. It’s free. Liberals can’t stand free.

9) Destabilizing North Africa: Here’s where the “smart” foreign policy strategy really started paying dividends. I always thought that when they said “smart” that they meant “intelligent.” But it turns out they were talking about the “smart bombs” and “smart missiles” used to aid Al Qaeda operatives against a guy who until recently was an ally, in Libya --more about this for Pakistan. Oh, and then the whole Muslim Brotherhood fiasco in Egypt, when once again the administration took the side of the original Al Qaeda franchise in the Brotherhood against an ally, the Egyptian Army. Since then things have heated up in Mali, Sudan. All of North Africa has turned into an arms depot for the world. Thank God the United States military has better sense and better ties with Egypt than Hillary does. There’s a book in there somewhere.

8) Destabilizing the Middle East: To think, we were just this close to putting more troops into the Middle East, this time in Syria of all places, which is really, really close to Europe by the way. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Syria; but the time to have taken care of Syria is when we had 250,000 troops in Iraq. And how the heck do you side with ANOTHER Al Qaeda affiliate? That makes: Libya, wrong side; Egypt wrong side; and Syria, wrong side…to be continued.

7) (this space left intentionally blank)

6) Marrying Bill Clinton: This was the most relevant foreign policy move by Hillary. Talk about taking care of biological weapons. That might have been the most successful biological arms control agreement ever. Of course it wasn’t perfect—ask Monica--but hey, neither is Hillary.

5) (this space reserved for future accomplishment provided by Ezra Klein)

4) Global Climate Change: Obama may not have been able to make the sea recede- by the way, what kind of a lunatic promises that? That’s a question for my Democrat friends—but Clinton sure made the world a colder place. It’s not just temperatures either. Global opinion has not been kind to the United States under Obama with declines of 15 to 30 percent in international opinion about Obama’s international policies in 2012, the last time a Clinton was living off the public dole. International opinion is so bad, that it looks like the Pew Center for Global Whatever, which really cares about global things, stopped asking the question in 2013.

Then of course there is the temperature. Despite RECORD droughts, tornadoes, and hurricanes, we learned that the world stopped warming 15 years ago.

3) North Korean ICBM/Nuclear Development/Iranian Nuclear Progress: It’s almost impossible to measure how much better the joint Iranian-North Korean nuclear project is going…oh, wait…it is impossible. Our thanks to Hillary for not caring about whether our two most unstable antagonists have an unimpeded path for the BOMB. In fairness we don’t know how much progress they’ve made, because we’re too busy spying on journalists who disagree with the administration.

2) Losing Afghanistan and Pakistan: Two-fer on this one. Once again Obama’s smart diplomacy sure does smart. Obama got all the downside for a surge—over 70 percent of US Afghan casualties came under his foreign and military policies there--with none of the benefit. Who here foresees a scene where Afghan refugees storm the US embassy in a last ditch effort to flee when the Taliban take over, with the final chopper out being pushed over the side of the USS Ronald Reagan? And then there is Pakistan, which has been arresting collaborators of the United States… becasue the names were turned over by the administration. Gosh, I wonder why we don’t have any friends left in the world?

1) Benghazi: Hey, it’s the end of the column: What difference does it make?

Words that will haunt her.