UAW to Try U.S. Senate 'Fix' for Survival

Posted: Apr 22, 2014 12:01 AM
UAW to Try U.S. Senate 'Fix' for Survival

Bob King and the United Auto Workers have decided to pull their objections to the results of the Volkswagen union vote at the Tennessee plant.

“The United Auto Workers union on Monday said it was withdrawing its objection claiming undue outside political interference in the result of a February election it lost among workers at the Volkswagen AG plant in Tennessee,” reports Reuters. “UAW President Bob King, in a statement issued by the union on Monday, said the process of objecting to the National Labor Relations Board could have dragged on for months if not years.”

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But don't celebrate quite so quickly. Because the UAW isn't so much withdrawing their complaint as they are changing venue. King and company have decided to appeal to Congress, instead of going through the grievance process at the NLRB.

If you're like me, this should make you very suspicious.

After all, this is likely the most radical NLRB we've had in the history of our country. This is the National Labor Relations Board that decided that NCAA athletes are employees of their respective universities, and thus should be allowed to unionize.

I mean how much more commie can you get than attacking college football and college basketball?

Go Big Red! doesn't mean what it used to.

When the UAW says that they are going to appeal to Congress, they really mean the United States Senate, because the Republicans, who would not be very sympathetic, control the House.

So if United Auto Workers believe that the National Labor Relations Board won't give them a better deal than the United States Senate will, it bears looking at the case they'll make.

At issue is whether the state of Tennessee offered $300 million worth of incentives-- cash and cash equivalents-- to Volkswagen on the condition that the Volkswagen workers rejected union overtures to organize.

A local Tennessee station,, has published a dozen documents that show that the state of Tennessee offered incentives to Volkswagen, provided that the company promised to create additional jobs in the state. That those additional jobs were dependent upon workers rejecting the union is kind of a big “Duh.”

The UAW and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Democrat party, will try to make the case that the Volkswagen deal was just a case of crony capitalism at the expense of ordinary workers.

And all they need to make the case is a few moderate, centrist Republicans, who are willing to do a little horse trading to get, for example, perhaps a bigger defense budget or a more belligerent stand on foreign-policy.

The Obama administration has made a specialty out of cronyism, graft and corruption along the blueprints of Chicago.

But the real danger to our Republic is not from Obama following the Chicago Way, it's if he follows the Illinois “combine.”

The “combine” controls the state with Republicans outside of Cook County, and Democrats inside of Cook County. And they divide the spoils. It's a plague that comes from both houses, not just Democrats.

And there are many in the corridors of Washington DC power who believe, really truly believe, that not only is this the best way to govern, but that it's the only way to govern.

These are the people who believe that Obama's only real sin is not negotiating in good faith. These are the people who believe that there's nothing wrong with Obamacare that a little compromise from the Democrats can't fix.

And when I say fix, I mean fix.

Because the UAW has said that the fight in the South for autoworkers is a win or die proposition. Everything is on the line for them.

Their move from the National Labor Relations Board to the United States Senate would only make sense if: 1) They were nuts; or 2) The fix were already in.

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