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Truth001 wrote: Putin has got to be laughing his rear end off because the US is the only place where the people eat their own. He is got to be saying I can do know wrong I'm a hero to those US media conservative outlets and its checkmate to the US left and its western allies. Oh by the way John post another picture of this guy next time or at least one with a shirt. If you want to look at this guy without a shirt do it in private. --Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah


Dear Comrade Pravda,

You think that the United States is the only country where politics is practiced? Could have fooled me, but it seems there are a number of countries besides the United States—like all of them—where domestic and foreign policy are criticized by the opposition to the current leaders.

There’s this theory of government where open criticism of government officials helps to keep them honest, their policies fair and their administration able.

Yes, I understand you know nothing about such theories. Your friends in the current government have gone to great lengths to demonstrate that they have no appreciation for the finer qualities of this formerly great government the Founders crafted.

And yes, they did craft this government to be open to debate so that policies would be honest and fair, and their administration able.

Putin isn’t my hero, although I have heard some say that they’re “rootin’ for Putin.”

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I wouldn’t crown him a conservative hero, however. The vast majority of conservatives, I would venture, think he’s a thug and a commie.

But it does say quite a bit about the low level of testosterone emanating from the administration-- now that Hillary is gone-- that people recognize that the two-bit former KGB apparatchik knows more about real leadership, then the two-bit, former Nobel prize winning, visiting, adjunct constitutional law professor does.

What’s Obama gonna do now? Throw legal books at Putin?

Send John Kerry someplace on his yacht that is legally registered in a state besides Massachusetts, so he can avoid paying taxes on it?


I bet Putin’s shaking in his boots—with or without his shirt off—now that Obama’s not even drawn a redline in the sand.

RJeremy wrote: Just for clarity: You're in favor of military intervention in Ukraine? --Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

Dear Comrade Jeremy,

Practically speaking armed intervention would be very difficult now if one wanted to avoid all out hostilities even if only regionally or a civil war.

However, the time to have intervened militarily was in 2009 with the coverage of Ukraine by the missile shield or the admission of Ukraine to NATO.

The time to intervene is always BEFORE a war.

So to that extent, yes, I would have favored a robust U.S. military presence in Ukraine.

Were they not our allies in the liberation of Iraq? They were, and I think that you stand by allies who stand by you.

So, even here today, I would recommend sending a division to Ukraine if they would have them. And then I would sell them as much American produced natural gas as I could.

Russia thinks the world won’t get by without Putin's gas. Ha!

That regime wouldn’t last 24 months if we took their gas customers away.

Obama made the blunder diplomatically of telegraphing to Putin that he didn’t care about Ukraine when he told the world that he was scrapping missile defense for them. Then he compounded it by telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he’d have more “flexibility” in missile defense talks after the election, when presumably he wouldn’t have to listen to those of us who think that defense and foreign policy isn’t made up of sugar n’ spice and everything nice.


Obama should just date Putin and get it over with. There's nothing quite as dangerous as someone who won't just admit that she's in love.

Seriously: What a buffoon your president is.

I don’t know how you all continue to stick by him.

The real question here is: What else has he told world leaders that we don’t know about, that wasn't caught on a "hot" mic?

Doctor Roy wrote: Remember you shouldn't make decisions based on how you perceive the world. You should make decisions based on how your adversary perceives the world. --Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

Dear Comrade Doctor,

So you are saying we should declare war on ourselves; ignore the rule of law; stone women for reading books; fly planes into our own buildings; and enter the U.S. illegally so that we can send money back home to our families in the United States in money order denominations of $500 or less?

Another brilliant idea from the Doctor. I call him “Liberal of the Year.”

Ken5061 wrote: John, it has come out that the Green River Shale Oil is still not recoverable. This came out since I told you I did not think we had found technology yet to extract that oil and it is not the same as reserves that we can use. You must have missed it. The Colorado reserves were cut by Interior because of the difficulties. Do your numbers reflect that reality or are you still in wishful thinking land? --Five Things Obama Could Do to be the Greatest President Ever, but Won’t

Dear Comrade Ken,

Here’s an idea: Instead of alleging things that aren’t true, why don’t you actually look at the latest reports.


The Green River formation has at between 352 billion and 920 billion barrels of recoverable oil alone. At the upper end, that’s four times more than the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia.

At $100 per barrel, that’s between $35.2 trillion and $92 trillion in assets. I know how many jobs Obama would create with a trillion dollars (ZERO), but I’m guessing oil companies and industry would be a tad more efficient.

That would work out to between $10 trillion and $30 trillion in tax revenues.

As I said originally, the 10 million jobs that would be created through the development of a "Total Energy Security" build out of America’s energy complex could go a long way to making up for our fiscal sins.

And there are companies willing today to the work to get that oil if only the federal government wouldn’t screw it up.

And unlike other methods of recovering oil, these methods don’t require open pit mining or fracturing. All they do is heat the rocks around the shale formation and force the oil, now in liquid form, to the surface.

neoreconstructionist wrote: President has save 2 American Car companies, ushered in new forms of energy, record stock market prices, America is still the world lone superpower, bailed out the banks in order save our financial system, deported more undocumented than any other president. Pushed through parts of the Dream Act, let Russia take responsibilty for Syria's chemical weapons. i couldg on and on and on. --Five Things Obama Could Do to be the Greatest President Ever, but Won’t

Dear Comrade Neo,

Yeah, you could go on and on and on…and that’s really the problem, isn’t it? You and Obama go on and on talking about stuff you know nothing about.


The banking system is still as fragile as ever.

You might have missed the article this week where I explained how the federal government provided money to the banks via the Federal Reserve to pay back the bailout money the federal government gave them in the first place. Now instead of having bad debt spread all over the banking system we have it concentrated at the very top of the system in the reserve bank that’s supposed to act as a reserve in case of crisis.

Let’s hope we don’t have a crisis.

Oh and by the way, do you know what Obama was doing while the terms of the bank bailout happened?

He was getting a haircut. Look it up.

As far as the car companies go: Did you know that there is only one American city where the median household income is high enough to actually afford a new car? Guess where that is. Washington, D.C.

Good job Obama. He should change his slogan to: “Advancing income inequality without even trying. Literally.” Because the last time the guy actually worked hard at anything, might be the first time.

As a lone superpower, I felt much more comfortable when Geo. W. Bush was able to open up a can of whoop ass on our enemies as opposed to Obama, whose idea of projecting power is being more “flexible” in negotiations.

This is a guy who goes from foreign policy crisis to foreign policy crisis; from bad to worse.

And then he tries to blame the Jews for it.

Obama's not only the first black president, he's also the first anti-Semitic one too.

Ericynot wrote: They don't have to outlaw it. Torture is illegal according to both U.S. and international law (it is also notoriously unreliable). Waterboarding is torture. --Dianne Feinstein and the Democrats' Great Satan


Dear Comrade Eric,

For once I agree with you. Torture is wrong and illegal and it doesn’t work anyway. We should disavow it in the future.

RiffRaff wrote: No, John, I doubt it. I suspect it might have been a test of the 777's known cyber vulnerabilities. If it's a test run for something we'll see much more of later, the case of MH370 will be the least tragic of similar events. Unfortunately, progress is something good guys and bad guys are drawn to. -- Is Malaysian Plane the Newest, Human Guided Suicide Missile?

Dear Riff,

My article is one of informed speculation, which unfortunately is all we have to go on since no one can find the plane that disappeared.

But I wrote about it because as speculative as it first appeared to be when I was discussing it privately with my source, it became more and more plausible as new details emerged.

This from BBC Asia:

The communication systems of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 were deliberately disabled, Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak has said.

Satellite signals continued to be picked up from the plane some seven hours after it lost radar contact.

Mr Razak said the authorities were now trying to trace the plane across two possible "corridors" - north from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan through to northern Thailand, and south from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

So, somebody stole the plane just to crash it later on? Perhaps.

But if it was an act of terror, then we’d hear about it from terrorists; they claim their work.

No, it seems more consistent with theft of a plane. Now the question is: where did it go?


It might have crashed. It might be on the ground in one piece.

djones wrote: If we want the youth of America to participate in the process, Agree or not, Zuck is entitled to be one of them. -- Obama Acolyte, Facebook Founder, Shocked By Spying

Dear Comrade Jones,

So you think that somehow I’m trying to deprive a kid worth $32 billion from his rightful place at the table? That no one is willing to hear him? That’s what you got from the article?

I’m saying with wealth and power comes responsibility.

Use it or lose it.

That's it for this week,



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