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The New Year brings us back to the number one reason liberals give regarding their war on America’s energy industry.

Why does it take us there? Because this is more than a new year-- it’s an election year, and there are two different visions of the country that need to be contrasted for voters this year.

And it’s not just the responsibility of candidates and political parties and super PACs to talk about what America can be.

It’s your responsibility to do it too. You can do it over the fence post, or a soccer game or a cup of coffee, or over the Internet.

It’s a story that needs to be told.

Just to recap, the fossil energy industry, thanks to hydraulic fracturing, is situated to deliver us from the worst fiscal crisis since the Civil War, when greenback were printed to make up for the lack of investor interest in American debt.

And a report last year confirmed what I’ve been saying for three years now: There’s enough fossil energy available domestically for the United States to not just be energy independent, but for the U.S. to be the great exporter of energy for the world.

“Shale oil (light tight oil) is rapidly emerging as a significant and relatively low cost new unconventional resource in the US,” writes PWC in its February, 2013 report Shale oil: the next energy revolution. “There is potential for shale oil production to spread globally over the next couple of decades. If it does, it would revolutionise global energy markets, providing greater long term energy security at lower cost for many countries.”

The big winner in all this would be the United States because it has large reserves of this type of energy.

So, along the way to energy independence, the U.S. can add ten million jobs and $20 trillion in additional GDP over ten years at a time our GDP stands at $16.5 trillion.

That is, it can happen if we don’t screw it up.

Big “if” I know, given the little heads in Washington.

But 2014 ought to be the year we liberate the American people from the small minds and lesser courage that makes America a follower in the world rather than a leader; that makes Washington pass and then keep foolish legislation like Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd-Frank and Obamacare.

Let solar energy continue to be the energy of the future.

I’m talking about the energy of the present.

So for 2014, I’m also talking about global warming, er, climate change.

Or what us common folks still call it… the weather.

That’s because the weather is the excuse that liberals use for preventing us from enjoying energy security.

The great thing about the weather is that it happens every day and, as Mark Twain said, everyone talks about it, but nobody ever does anything about it.

That’s because, as Twain’s deadpan implies, you can’t actually do much about the weather.

Weather’s a pretty big topic, a pretty complex system and works pretty well without improvement from liberals. But of course that won’t stop liberals from trying to improve it.

In fact, it guarantees that they’ll try their hand at a solution, probabilities or not.

They’re kind of like Caligula that way.

Caligula reputedly once proposed to make his horse a Roman senator. And while many would agree that a horse would be an improvement on many U.S. senators, calling a horse a senator, doesn’t make a horse a senator anymore than calling its tail a leg would give it five legs, in Lincoln’s horsey phrase..

So it goes with liberals: They think that all they have to do promulgate a clever law to solve any given problem, whether it solves the problem or not.

Pass a law called the “Affordable Care Act”?

Doesn’t matter what’s in it, problem solved, because why it’s the “law of the land.”

Can’t you see it has the word “affordable” in the title?

In fact, the vastness of the earth’s weather, the complexity of it, makes it a great place to for liberal mischief.

There’s always going to be a tornado, or hurricane or a drought that will hurt folks-- which for a liberal means that there are votes for sale. They can stump about it and talk about how poor people are more exposed to the weather, and how rich people use more energy, and all the other eye wash liberals sell to pit one group against the other as they drive their SUVs and retire to their big houses that use more carbon than anyone else.

And it’s curious that one of the things that I have noticed most about liberals. They don’t care much about solving problems. In fact, it’s the thing that can’t be cured that they care about most.

They’ll either take easy problems, like illegal immigration, fiscal balance or pension reform, and make them unsolvable. Or they’ll take unsolvable problems, like world hunger, poverty or arms races and present easy solutions that will only costs us money, freedom, choices or lives, but still not work.

So here too, on the weather, liberals aren’t just wrong, but once-in-a-lifetime, historically and stupendously wrong; wrong in a way that only liberals could be while still remaining smug.

And there is more than just evidence piling up to note it.

There are lies piling up too.

Global warming has entered the unaccountable “great pause” not contemplated by the models that scientists, politicians and mountebanks—thanks Mark Baisley—have pushed on us. The models that say that if we allow people in Africa to have air conditioning and automobiles that "the planet will boil over," in Barack Obama horse’s arse phrase.

And because the models aren’t predicting accurately what the world will actually do, we’ve got some politicians stuck as liberals without a cause.

When that happens liberals go into group survival mode like many primitives would do, bullying people, making false claims ala Obama’s “boil over” comments, comments not covered much by the mainstream news.

Next week I’ll cover five big lies, myths and cover-ups that you need to speak to your neighbors about; things that are stopping America from moving past the economic consequences of big government run amok for the last twenty years.

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