Nuclear Ambitions Are Clear Sign Dear Leader Obama Losing Grip

Posted: Nov 23, 2013 12:01 AM

Despite concrete evidence that global warming has paused, despite evidence that the world is most definitely not running out of oil, despite evidence that the climate models are wrong, global warming still looms as a major disaster to people living in the United States, especially the poor and the middle class.

That’s because the false hysteria surrounding global warming is partially responsible for electing the worst president that we’ve ever had.

And the cleanup from this disaster is going to take a long while.

Let’s put it this way: The earth will begin to warm again before the fallout and toxic effects of Hurricane O are cleaned up.

In the latest manifestation of the man-caused disaster that is Obama, Senator Millionaire, Harry Reid, (D-Dead) got rid of the long agreed-upon rules that prevent presidential nominations from coming to a vote without a consensus amongst Senators.

This rule has been so sacrosanct that changing it has been referred to by BOTH parties as “the nuclear option.”

While Democrats usually pursue a strategy of using dead voters to stuff ballot boxes and suppress the vote, Obama instead turned to a dead Senator, Harry Reid, to stuff the Senate votes.

And because the nuclear option was deployed, you can kiss an early debt deal goodbye, along with a deal on tax reform or a deal to keep government running past January 2014.

Only rulers of tin-horn dictatorships seek to go nuclear, like this, as an alternative to real, responsive government.

“I just think after today, legislating’s going to be pretty tough,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, who infuriates the GOP’s base for often cooperating with Democrats on bipartisan legislation.

“If you thought the Senate has already ground to a near standstill, this is like throwing sand into the gears of an already rusty machine,” said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s really going to heighten the tensions even further, create bitter partisan arguments and add to the acrimony that’s currently in the Senate.”

Strike that. I’m sure he meant to say: “create MORE, bitter, partisan arguments.”

What’s at stake is the thin veneer of civility-- perhaps the last civility left in our Republic-- that allows consensus to built even in tough times. It means that while a majority in the Senate rules, it also reigns.

Consensus is dead! Long live the tyrannies of the Majority... with nukes!

Make no mistake: This is just an attempt by Obama to poke the hornets’ nest because the sting of Obamacare is killing him.

Nothing constructive will come out of it.

It’s civil war, senatorial style… with nukes.

While the rest of us worried about Iran going nuclear, Obama went nuclear instead.

His nuclear ambitions are the surest sign that the Dear Leader is losing his grip on his people.

Obama likely meant for Senatorial Civil War. He’s hoping for a shutdown or a showdown that will help him wiggle, waggle and worm his way out of the Obamacare debacle.

And here’s the big giveaway: Obama invoked our Founders in defense of Reid’s maneuver in getting rid of the “obstructionists” in the GOP who sought to build a consensus as an alternative to one party rule.

“But today's pattern of obstruction,” said Obama about the rules that require 60 votes to move a presidential appointment forward, “it just isn't normal. It's not what our founders envisioned,”

Yeah, like, when has he ever cared for what our Founders envisioned?

The last dead white guy he ever had a kind word for was Nancy Pelosi. Or maybe Joe Biden.

Sigh… it’s always the WRONG dead white guys with that dude.

"If the Democrats proceed to use the nuclear option in this way, it will be Obamacare II: It will be another raw exercise of partisan political power to say we can do whatever we want to do," said Republican Senator Lamar Alexander as reported by WBIR in Knoxville, Tennessee. "The only cure for that is a referendum next November."

And then let the cleanup of the man-caused fallout and real toxic waste begin.

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