Robbers Shot, Killed, Family Wants Murder Charges, or Something

Posted: Nov 08, 2013 12:01 AM

A private citizen armed with a gun for which he had a license, shot and killed two robbers in Reading, Pennsylvania this week.

Sooooo… OF COURSE… the families of the two dead ROBBERS want the citizen who shot and killed them charged with a CRIME.

I know, I know: The capitalized words bother me too, but I had to write it that way because, honestly, the story is just so retarded—read progressive-- that I feel compelled to use the liberal-needs font.

What crime, you ask, do the families of the dead guys want the citizen charged with? They’re really not sure, but they’ll get back to us just as soon as they consult the ACLU and the Department of Justice under Eric Holder.

Presumably the crime would be “Murder Of A Class Of People Who Might Vote For Democrats.”

And who knows? Win or lose, there might be some Obama vote pandering that can be done here.

Welcome to a Liberalville, USA where there are two classes of people: the victims and the rest of us who are expected to pay.

The two masked robbers—the alleged victims in this case-- had just exited a corner store in Reading when a concerned citizen—the alleged criminal in this case-- confronted them, and... shot 'em dead. No word yet whether the citizen was inside or outside the three point range. Good shot!

The getaway driver is now in custody.

According to police, who viewed videotape of the shooting, the citizen told the dudes with masks to stop right where they were, that he was going to call the police and that’s when a scuffle ensued.

“A brief scuffle ensued, during which the suspects pulled out their guns, [Berks County District Attorney John] Adams said,” according to local WFMZ. “The citizen then pulled out his gun, for which he had a license to carry, and shot both suspects, said Adams, who personally reviewed surveillance video of the scene.”

The result? Two dead bad guys.

“It’s not fair,” says Virginia Medina, mother of 24-year-old William Medina who walked into Krick’s Korner store with a gun in hand, mask on head and stole cigarettes and lottery tickets, and then promptly lost his life over his own stupidity.

What’s not fair is that it was two against one. Fortunately, in this instance, however, right made might.

"[William] had no right to lose his life over something that man could have called the police for," said Medina. "He [the citizen] took the law into his own hands and walked away scot-free."

Just as it should be.

Oh, but not in Liberalville, USA.

Because in Liberalville robbing the store with a gun and a mask should only result in a stern talking to, or at worst the arrest of the innocent civilian who stopped the robbers. Or perhaps we should just allow lottery tickets and cigarettes to be purchased on EBT cards.

From the name and the photographs it looks like the robbers were Hispanic. No word yet if they were “white” Hispanic or just Hispanic Hispanic, which of course would make a big difference in how the Justice Department under Eric Holder responds.

“How about if people just start running around here, policing the city on their own? How much worse is it going to get?" said Peter Ratel, Medina's cousin.

Yeah, it would be really terrible for the rest of us of us if law and order broke out in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Imagine cities free from crime, where the criminals were the ones who lived in fear because everyone could protect themselves.

What would that get us?

The Reaganville of the 1980s or thereabouts.

But not now, not here, not in Liberalville, USA.

"I have lived here since 1962," said Carmela Chipperfield according to WFMZ. "Things are not like it used to be. A lot of changes. This man, trying to make a living, and he gets robbed."

For the record, it sounds like Chipperfield was speaking about the store owner who was robbed of cigarettes and lottery tickets at gunpoint, and who somehow the families of the dead robbers neglected to mention in their grave concern for law and order.

Remember: This is Liberalville, USA.

The store owner is obviously just attempting to exploit the neighborhood by selling them cancer sticks and gambling tickets in a crass attempt to make more money and pay more taxes than anybody else in the neighborhood.

What a show off.

If all of this seems vaguely familiar to some of your older folks, that’s because it is. We lived in Liberalville, USA throughout the late 60s and all of the 1970s.

Back then dope was legal—or at least decriminalized-- and the dopes were in charge of everything too.

Carter, Nixon, Agnew, Mondale.

A great city like, say, New York City, was under the control of socialistic mayors and the result was rent control, an increase in violent crime, garbage strikes, police strikes, all in the delusion there wasn’t enough wealth to go around for everyone.

It made some cities, like New York, unlivable.

“History never repeat itself,” said Mark Twain. “But it rhymes.”

Today we’re just characters stuck in a bad poem penned by hippies from the Age of Aquarius.

It can’t end soon enough.

Because we know it will end badly enough, whether history repeats itself or just rhymes.

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