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If Obama blows his reelection bid, maybe he can apply for a gig with a late night talk show.

Sure, his jokes aren’t that funny, but I presume that most of what he saying now really is just a joke.

And perhaps between now and November the jokes will get much better.

They could get worse, but let’s hope for the sake of our country that they don’t get that much worse.

After months of Obama telling us “All is well, the recovery is finally beginning!” the country faces one of the most dramatic slowdowns in economic activity since 2008-2009.

And it wasn’t like we didn’t predict this- since even before Obama was elected.

Economists are generally sticking with GDP growth rates for the United States of around an anemic 2-2.5 percent now that the inflation gravy train has slowed to a standstill. But if the optimistic forecasts of the same guys who did the math to take the risk out the subprime mortgage market doesn’t make you nervous, let’s try out the dystopian views of our Comedian-in-Chief.       

How else do you describe the president of a country, mired in the most persistent unemployment since the great depression, who then blithely tells the rest of us that the economy “is just fine?”

Certainly he’s a comedian.  

A poor comedian, for sure, but a jokester none the less.

But that’s not the latest joke.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:


This notion that somehow we caused the deficit is just wrong. It's like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff, and then just as you're sitting down, they leave and accuse you of running up the tab. 

Yeah. The rest of us ran up the tab. Sure.

Who’s writing this material? Steve Martin?

Because: Excuuuuuuse me. 

At least there was a tab before Obama. Obama now just demands blank checks and then never pays the tab.

Even the room full of Democrats laughed at that one.

Or how about the one he told last week where he is now majestically, regally allowing illegal immigrants stay and take jobs from people who reside in the country legally? With unemployment tracking at the highest level since the Great Depression?

That sure was funny to the 14.8 percent- and rising!- of people who are officially counted on the Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment/underemployment rolls.    

It was especially funny to Hispanics because Obama’s policy actually just encourages illegal immigrants to register for later deportation.

True fact: Obama used to brag that he deported more illegal immigrants than George W. Bush.

That’s Obama hypocrisy that we all can find quite hilarious.

It’s of the same type of hypocrisy that has Obama passing healthcare reform that does nothing to contain costs, banking reform that does nothing to contain systemic risks, a green jobs program that contains no jobs, a deficit reduction plan…oh yeah.

Biggest joke of all.

Remember last year when the budget deficit played for fifteen minutes of fame on D.C.’s Short Attention Span Theatre?

Obama couldn’t sit down at the table because he wasn’t even at the restaurant.

He was on vacation.


Funny, right?        


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