Stop the Liberal Presses: New York Times/CBS Poll Finds Trouble for Obama

Posted: Apr 19, 2012 12:01 AM

The liberal press is finally enunciating what the rest of already knew through pure common sense.

As poll after poll shows that Obama’s management of the economy will be the number one issue for voters, the liberal press has suddenly come to the conclusion that, yes, Virginia, there is an election under way.

Despite months of manufactured good news on the job and employment front, average voters are doing what average voters do: vote their own pocketbooks, not those of their neighbors in the Beltway.  

“A rising number of Americans see improvement in the economy,” reports the New York Times, “but a persistent wariness about their own financial circumstances is allowing Mitt Romney to persuade voters that he could improve their economic prospects more than President Obama, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.”

Americans are treating the so-called recovery more like a sighting of Big Foot than an economic reality.  

They know people who say they have seen it, they just really don’t believe that for them, personally, Big Foot exists.

This is how it should be.

Because in most things Americans are worse off today than they were last year at this time.

And this is reflected in more than just prices at the pump, although that’s not helping either.

While the official unemployment numbers have sagged a bit over the last few months, Washington is finding out that Americans aren’t going to be satisfied by statistics posing as real jobs.

Or green jobs posing as permanent jobs of any kind.  

Or pork barrel spending disguised as stimulus, or stimulus disguised as shovel-ready jobs, or healthcare disguised as deficit reduction or any one of the evasions, shifts or outright fabrications that Obama has offered instead of, say, a B-U-D-G-E-T.

Sawing a lady in half on stage doesn’t actually create two people with two jobs, even if Obama insists that an illusion has the same weight as truth if only you can get away with it.    

Yes, the fact that fewer people can actually find jobs today is more important than the what the press release from the office of the Bureau of Labor Statistics says.    

“Those and other findings in the poll offer a clear warning for a sitting president seeking re-election and trying to cast the race as a choice between him and Mr. Romney,” says the New York Times, “rather than a referendum on Mr. Obama’s first term in office.”

Oh my gosh: A president having to defend his first term in office?

Those are just more indignities that we put Obama through just because he’s the first black president.

But never fear liberals: It’s time to for the Times to pull out the class warfare card.     

The poll points out that “Only one-third of voters say they can relate to Mr. Romney, while nearly half say they can relate to Mr. Obama.”

And if they could show me compelling evidence that people want a president as their BFF, then I suppose that would be an important statistic. But instead, the new New York Times/CBS News poll probably just spent $15,000 to have pollsters ask a meaningless question.   

That’s because I don’t need a survey question to understand that nearly half of the people think that they could just as good a job as Obama as president, or perhaps even better.

Try this experiment as you walk around today. Ask people “On the Keystone Pipeline, would you say yes or no?”

If they say yes, then say “Congratulations. You are already doing a better job than Barack Obama.”

Or try this one: “Would you as a president, with a big staff, and all the resources of the federal government at your command, get at least one vote in Congress for your budget?”

Or this fun one: “Could you and your family spend a trillion dollars and create a lot of jobs?”

Because what the New York Times and CBSNews have been willfully blind to has been apparent to the rest of us for awhile: Obama’s been a really, really awful, bad, terrible president. Phew. Stink. Stink. Stink.

And this is just going to get worse for Obama as we move into summer.  

Expect the summer of recovery to be displaced by the summer of discovery    

And the liberal press admitting what the rest of us already knew through common sense is just the beginning of Obama’s reckoning.

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