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For those people worried about the overthrow of the social order, the establishment of dictatorship, you’re too late.

It’s already here.

And no, this is not an exercise in rhetoric.


Here are the facts:

In a campaign swing through Colorado, Obama tried again to buy off voters with another bailout program. But unlike the mortgage meltdown, the sole and immediate creator of this newest financial crisis has been Obama via the federal government.

It looks to me like it was a crisis that was designed on purpose.

From our contributor Bob Beauprez:

At another campaign style event in Denver today President Obama announced a "student loan relief" plan that could affect more than 6 million borrowers.  This will be the third day in a row that Obama has announced a populist scheme by executive order completely bypassing the "consent of the governed" and the Constitutional authority reserved for Congress.  Earlier this week he rolled out enticements targeted at underwater homeowners and out of work veterans.

While Wall Street certainly had some culpability in the mortgage mess- and I would argue very little culpability compared to Washington- the student loan mess is all Obama’s own.

Who gave loans to students that they would never be able to repay? Not Wall Street. Not greedy millionaires and billionaires. The millionaire and billionaire Democrats, led by Obama, did of course.

They applied the same unsustainable math to the secondary education sector that they used in the real estate market in order to saddle future generations with a crushing private debt burden; as if it wasn’t enough already that they have saddled future generations with a crushing public debt burden.


Now, the six million students, who own more debt than credit card holders in the United States do, are 100 percent dependent on the federal government for their leave. They are like serfs, living at the pleasure of a Lord of the Manor.

And while this may be the newest and least subtle attempt to create permanent underclass, wholly dependent on the federal government, it’s not the only or even the most successful attempt to create a dictatorship on the backs of the working class and middle-class.  

For all the talk of human rights by the Democrats, if they really cared about human rights they would have tackled illegal immigration when they had the power to do so. But they don’t care about human rights. They only care that millions of people in the US here illegally are wholly dependent on the federal government on who stays and who goes.

This is just the way the Democrats want it.   

Remember: To make the message crystal clear to Hispanics that you need to go along with the Democrats to get along with Democrats, first they spent two years making examples of illegal immigrants through selective deportations.

An army of regulators has descended upon American business, politics and society as a whole to remind us all who now has the great power to punish us when we step out of line. 

The easiest way to create a dictatorship is to create laws that you selectively enforce. And what else is government by regulators then selective enforcement?  


The example of illegal immigration isn’t even the most heinous or ubiquitous example either. 

At any given time, by the IRS’ own estimates, 25 percent of taxpayers are not in compliance with the tax code. We have a tax code that is so complicated that even our own Secretary of the Treasury can’t comply with it.

No one can argue me out of the proposition that the Byzantine tax code- a tax code that makes one quarter of Americans subject to criminal prosecution at any given moment- makes us freer; in fact, quite the opposite.

Until we elect politicians who pass laws that serve the citizens instead of asking the citizens to serve the law, we are all- citizens, students, homeowners, veterans, illegals, minorities, all of us- we are all just living on Lord Obama’s Manor. 

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