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The Demander-in-Chief Bus Tour

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Quick: What’s the difference between an Obama rally and an OWS rally?

At an Obama rally, the demands are so impractical that no one takes them seriously. 

As Obama begins his next prayer rally disguised as campaign whistle-stop tour, I’m wondering how much prayer it’s going to take to save his presidency.

Because the diesel-powered Canadian prayer rug he’s using right now isn’t working very well.

It’s typical of the luckless, wrongheaded president that factory output came out today and the news was good- for those of us who want a thriving, successful commercial marketplace. But don’t count the president amongst that group.

The factory facts illustrate why he’ll be a failure as president.

Two of the three industry sectors that bumped up factory output are two of the sectors that Obama has tried his best to kill this year.

“Factory output rose for a third straight month in September,” says the Associated Press in the Wall Street Journal, “a sign the U.S. economy is growing slowly. Manufacturers made more airplanes, trucks and home electronics to meet rising demand.”

You might remember that earlier this year that Obama imposed tightened fuel efficiency standards on automakers- and the rest of us too- at the cost of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Many observers thought that the increased standard was a shot aimed directly at Ford, whose F series trucks are number one in vehicle sales in the domestic market. Truck and SUV sales out-pace cars sales in the US 7.7 million units to 4.7 million units, despite rising fuel costs and hysteria about carbon-warming-pseudo-science-grant awards.

Not coincidentally Ford did not take a bailout from the feds, and has thumped both of the union/government controlled rivals in profitability largely because they manufacture what consumers want, not what Obama wants. 

Additionally, Obama proposed a tax on business jets earlier this year- has he ever really backed off that demand?- showing that he doesn’t understand what business jets are used for.

Business jets are used to increase productivity in a global world. The ability to get to and from somewhere across the globe quickly is often the difference between doing business and losing business. This is why businesses order jets. They help increase sales.

Imagine if either industry sector didn't have the West Wing dragging them down.

If Obama had his way, the little job growth we are seeing would have been reduced even further through policies that Obama not only proposed but demanded.


Ask yourself how many other jobs have been killed by our Demander-in-Chief? How much more debt has been incurred on his watch by his demand?

Forget about the $4 trillion in federal debt the administration racked up; forget about the fact they can’t get one vote for a budget; forget the fact that they can’t get a single vote for their jobs bill. And just remember this: Student loans hyped by Obama now outrank credit-card debt in the United States for the first time in our history. Students, before they even have the capacity to repay- if they ever will have the capacity to repay- now owe $850 billion in student loan debt versus total credit card debt of $828 billion according to USAToday.      

Who told those students to borrow that money?

The same president who expanded food stamps; the same president who loaned money to state governments so they could delay the day of balanced budget reckoning; the same folks who guaranteed Solyndra. The same people who demanded that Obamacare be all about money, not healthcare.

This is the first presidency in history that has substituted a list of demands for a policy platform. The mistake that many made was thinking those demands were a Christmas shopping list, when in fact they were a demand for your indenture to the federal government.

Obama’s no Santa Claus even if he does keep a naughty and nice list.

We have seen this act before. And if any of this is on the minds of OWSers as well as Tea Partiers, then they have my sympathy.  

Banks, mortgages, real estate, homebuilding, healthcare, insurance- you, me- we are all under the thumb of presidential demands to make straw into greenbacks to make it appear like we’re fighting global fill-in-the-blank.

The only fill-in-the blank we have to fill right now is J-O-B-S, jobs, jobs, jobs. And the biggest blank we have to fill there is the job of President of the United States.

PS- To all the friends who recently friended me on Facebook because they want to work on conservative causes, send me a message via Facebook and I will hook you up.

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