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Today's Tweets tackle Herman Cain, abortion, the last thing that went through Osama's mind, and a delcaration of independence for rocks and trees.


TeaPartyWest TownHall & Tea Party West presents Advanced Media Techniques MAY 12

Ok. This one is a shameless self-promotion.

BUT, if you’re in Las Vegas next Thursday night May 12th, I’ll be speaking at Tea Party West about some advanced blogging and writing techniques for the internet.

Click on the link above for details. It’s free of charge.

I ran similar seminars last year for TPW when I was working as a grassroots activist in Nevada for the 2010 election cycle. I was out in Nevada for six months educating citizens about issues important to conservatives.

Tea Party West, unlike many other Tea Party groups, really stays out of the endorsement and personality business. They concentrate just on educating activists.

The group is run by a friend, Bea Taylor, who is a ball of fire. 

She’s naturalized citizen who CHOOSE to become an American because she was tired of seeing what was happening to the country.

That’s an immigration policy I can believe in.

If I were in charge, Bea would head up ICE.  


life_ontherocks  Fmr Obama Advisor Pushing "Human Rights" For Nature… @youtube Imagine, a lawyer for every dandelion at taxpayer expense.

Yeah, trees and rocks have rights too.

This sounds like a make-work program for attorneys.

And believe me, if they can figure out a way to start a federal program so that money can go to attorneys who then make political contributions to liberals, they’ll do it.

You know, the great thing about our Founding Fathers was that they had a ton of practical experience in self-governance.

Our revolution was a conservative one, in the sense that we were fighting to preserve the rights of man, long established by practice in America. They knew what worked.

Imagine explaining to Franklin or Jefferson that the government they designed now was promoting the rights of trees and rocks.

That remind me of a joke: "If a lawyer fell in a forest, and there were no rocks to hear him scream, would it be just as funny? I say yes!"


RedFlameWire Katie Pavlich: He Heard American Voices: General Jack Keane gives a view of what Osama bin Laden heard before he...

As friend said, this is the most satisfying account of what happened in the bin Laden raid.

That it comes from a man who lost over 80 friends in the Pentagon on 9-11, makes it the most powerful justification for putting our troops in danger.


Tibiellis "@NVNewsBureau: NV Leg Republicans statement saying Dem #nvRedistricting plans violate voting rights act, "pack" Hispanics #nvleg#nobueno

I wonder when African Americans and Hispanics will stop toadying to liberals.

Liberals take them for granted and promote policies that have hurt those communities worse than a declaration of war on them would.

Harry Reid has made a living saying that only white liberals can properly represent communities of color. 

Since 1973, 13 million African American babies have been aborted. That’s 13 million voters, 13 million taxpayers, 13 million brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, missing from the community.

The most damaging part is that when you tell people that there is no value to life, some of them start to believe it.

Obama spent trillions on Washington and Wall Street, but not a penny to build up African American families; not a penny or a policy to address the numbers of African American men who end up in prison.

In any other community it would be considered an outrage.

Why do African Americans allow themselves to used so badly?  


angelfleming  #tcot #teaparty #tpp Muslim religious leaders kicked off U.S. flight after pilot refuses to take off...

I don’t know enough about the actions of the people involved to have an informed opinion about this.

Was prejudice involved? Certainly.

But this is the thing: When Islam will stand up and roundly condemn violence as a means of gaining their end, much of that prejudice will go away.

America won’t soon forget the image of Muslims dancing in the street in America when the Twin Towers were just a smoking ruin in the background.

Nor should we.

It’s time for Muslims to reform their own societies, stop blaming everything that is wrong in their countries on Israel and the U.S. 

Islam has not been a religion of peace.

It’s an intolerant religion, a religion that was spread by force of arms.

Christians are often accused of similar behavior. Violence was not the policy of Jesus Christ, although some men have committed it in his name.

Violence and war was undeniably the policy of Muhammad. That’s a documented historical fact. 

If you don’t like it, then repudiate it. It’s that simple.    


hch242 Herman Cain revives the Republican cult of the businessman president – Telegraph Blogs…

I usually don’t like it when Europeans try to “explain” America. There is too much that they don’t understand about us.

But Dr Tim Stanley usually comes to plausible conclusions, even if I can pick at some of the details.

His problem with Cain?

“Cain spoke a lot in the debate about identifying problems, deciding objectives and applying a solution. Yes, that works when the problem is trying to sell a new line of pizzas and your only consideration is the rising price of pepperoni. But balancing demands for low taxes and Social Security payments while dealing with a divided Congress and a hostile media is a tougher battle.”

I think that’s the challenge for Cain. He’s a great guy, sure; but can he govern?

He has to answer that question.

That’s what primaries are about. And that why I love elections.

Here’s another interesting point that Stanley makes, this time about right wing opposition to Obama:

“But its central claim, that Obama was elected by accident and that nobody signed up for the kind of radical policies he has tried to pursue, is probably accurate. An untried, untested young politician, just four years into his Senate career, was catapulted into the presidency by the financial collapse of 2008. There’s a feeling in America’s gut that it’s been fooled by good advertising. The moral and political question of 2012 is whether or not it’ll be fooled again.”

I would add that the feeling we have been fooled shouldn’t just be limited to Obama not being genuine, but to both of the parties.

American confidence in government is at a low point. And that didn’t start with Obama. Although it’s gained considerable ground since some in the country were “fooled by good advertising.”

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