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The Coronavirus and Open Borders

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What no one is talking about yet is the direct linkage between pandemic diseases and uncontrolled immigration. In fact, no Democrat-Progressive-Socialist candidate for POTUS has been asked a question about it. Here’s one: “If you were elected to the presidency, how would you and your party, which favors open borders, justify such a policy given a threat like the Coronavirus?”


To put today’s crisis in perspective, let’s recall a few facts about the SARS outbreak of 2003-2004. According to the CDC, the SARS outbreak produced about 8,100 infections worldwide and a bit less than 800 deaths. The UK’s National Health Service places the SARS virus origination in China in 2002.

Fast forward to February 13, 2020. China has confirmed 59,000 infections and 1300 deaths from the Coronavirus originating in Wuhan. And that’s just in its own country. This sleeping dragon went from nothing to a pandemic in less than a month, yet the World Health Organization—at the beginning—kowtowed to China in its obsequious praise for what has turned out to be a feeble early response to Coronavirus. The only uniting theme for on-air journalists is their fairly common assertion that China’s reporting on this deadly threat is likely under-accurate, to put it politely. 

All of this brings us to the constantly repeated campaign platform of all or nearly all the current Democrat-Progressive-Socialist candidates (or whatever they’re calling themselves this cycle): open borders. Not only do they insist upon open borders, they sanctimoniously decry Trump’s attempt to secure them as the act of a Nazi, racist dictator. And what they call supporters of secure borders may not be printable.

For the last decade, at least, the D-P-S’s have been content with death crossing our borders in the form of felons waiting to prey upon our citizens. In FY2016, according to official US data, there were just over 16,000 convictions for serious crimes committed in the US, and despite strong enforcement by the Trump administration, there were about 1,250 in FY2020 (through September 30th). Those crimes include assault, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, drug trafficking, illegal entry/reentry, homicide, illegal weapons possession, and sexual offenses. The D-P-S’s are OK with all of that, and if we give them power, we’d all have to be OK with that, too.


It is one thing to ask, “How many Kate Steinle cases must there be?” That question seems to go unanswered by the D-P-S establishment and their acolytes, but with the Coronavirus now set loose upon the world, there are questions the purveyors of border anarchy must consider:

  • How much death would have crossed our borders if there’d been a Clinton inauguration?
  • Continuing the Obama gang’s Look-The-Other-Way approach to border security—what would Clinton and her party have done to protect us from the invisible death brought by plague? 

And for the Bernie-Pete crowd:

  • How would they deal with a pandemic given their open border stance?
  • How many American deaths from Coronavirus or its descendants would be just fine to them?

Most thinking Americans have figured out the answer to the question of why D-P-S candidates want open borders. It isn’t about kumbaya, the Statue of Liberty, or, Emma Lazarus’ stirring words, “Give me your tired, your poor… .” Not for a minute. It’s about more people on whom D-P-S candidates can push free stuff (courtesy of you and me), so that when voting barriers are broken down for non-citizens to have “more say,” the newbies will gladly cast a ballot for the freebie party. 

Controlling immigration isn’t about the tired and poor. It’s about the first duty of our chosen government: protecting our citizens. How much political recklessness and negligence from the Democrat-Progressive-Socialists can the American people stand?


It’s just been announced that United Airlines has suspended flights to major cities like Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Chengdu until at least April 24th. That’s nice, but with still porous borders, infected persons can get to North America—and here. We need a well-funded and functioning immigration control system—now.  

China also announced another 15,000 infections—in just one day. And tomorrow? With the D-P-S crowd in power, what about the next pandemic? Coming to a neighborhood near you? 

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