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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

It’s always fascinating to watch a master at work, isn’t it? For some time, House Speaker Pelosi found herself between her party’s nutjobs on one side and the few sanity seekers on the other. She held on to sanity, I suspect, not because it was the right thing to do, but because the stars had not yet aligned to achieve her objective. 


Recently, the stars moved for her. Here’s what Pelosi did and why. She unleashed the impeachment dogs on a duly elected president of the United States, knowing full well that despite all the rhetoric, nothing would come of it. She did it because of what she stands to gain:

  • Shifty Schiff and Nasty Nadler, the House’s craven mic mavens, became occupied with another mud wrestling contest only they will lose.
  • The Squad all but went dark, and one would have to think that its quiescence was the payoff for a truce between a wizened, old power player like Pelosi (born 21 months before Pearl Harbor) and the troublesome newbies. Unless you believe in coincidences.
  • The party base, anti-rabies vaccination done, can turn its frothy energies to 2020. 
  • An impeachment inquiry, real or sham, would have the collateral plus of dredging up even more sludge about Sleepy Joe, his son, and very possibly, other Biden self-dealing shenanigans, none of which will wash over the Speaker. She knows Old Joe cannot win, and she may not think Elizabeth Warren can win, but she’d want to give her the shot, and collect another IOU from someone still a player after 2020.
  • She will damage Donald Trump, and in the best of all worlds, he could lose against one of the Edgar Bergen dummies on stage in Westerville. 

If we were delusional, we could believe all the pious nonsense the Speaker peddles about honoring the Constitution and its intent. I learned as a draft age, college boy that when LBJ swore he wasn’t going to send American boys into jungles on the other side of the world, it was just one more lesson in politics: How do we know they’re lying? When their lips move. 


What’s the proof Nancy is having a fibfest? Her refusal to hold a vote to legitimize her party’s pursuit of impeachment. Never mind that Green’s July 2019 impeachment resolution failed abysmally. Some 20 House seats could be at risk in 2020, if their holders were forced to vote against Trump, and that one fact is the hinge that swings the door. 

Nancy Pelosi gains nothing with a vote: 

  • If she holds a whole House impeachment vote and falls short—again—on a motion to proceed, she loses every point described above and gains nothing. In that event, she might or might not retain the Speakership. 
  • If she holds the vote and wins—still unlikely—she gains every point above, but risks those vital seats needed to re-elect her as Speaker in the next Congress. And that, dear readers, is what this whole show is really all about. Nancy Pelosi’s Power. Period.

Whatever it says in the Constitution about impeachment, here’s what it does not say:

  • That one person serving as Speaker from one district in one state can unilaterally undermine, and nullify the legislative effectiveness of an administration duly elected by the whole nation.
  • That the Speaker can permit impeachment proceedings when, arguably, the July 2019 vote denied her that right—a coup using the very machinery of government.
  • That Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler can hold secret hearings—Star Chamber style—and can parse and manipulate bootstrapped rumor into “evidence” they selectively spoon feed to the American people.  
  • That Americans in every village and town will be denied the right to have their representative vote for them and be accountable at the ballot box. 

How can she do this? Lefties have cornered the opinion market—almost—by:

  • The denial of free speech and thought on college campuses.
  • Leveraging the anti-conservative opinion of academia, Hollywood opinion peddlers, and the media (they did the same with less fatal assaults against Reagan and both Bushes).
  • Monopolizing entertainment output with anti-conservative television and movie content.

Without pressure by traditional institutions of democracy to act in accord with the Constitution, Speaker Pelosi is free to act without accountability to any person or court. 

A contributing factor is Trump himself, his own worst enemy. Whatever one might say about his inelegant style, he has followed through on nearly every promise he made as a candidate, and most Americans have benefitted handsomely from his sometimes inartful, but superbly effective governance.

After nearly three years of their subversive antics, we can now read the Democrats’ playbook through clear lenses. Whenever a president is elected not of their choosing, they will exhaust us with Kangaroo Court sideshows, and will stop at nothing in their quest for power, even if it means attempts to nullify a presidential election with first, a deep state coup, and now, an illegitimate impeachment. 

The veil is lifted. Nancy Pelosi and the leftie thought managers vying for our votes aren’t Democrats at all. They are Totalitarians in waiting for the one election giving them control of all the power levers. 


As for the rest of us, we are called to defend the best of Western Civilization and our singularly American culture before we are swept aside. Will Pelosi’s ploy prevail? Only if we let it.

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