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Amazon and the Socialists: Point Taken

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(AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)

Recently, we glimpsed a rare spectacle amongst Democrats, self-styled Progressives that they are. What occurred was so overshadowed by the scale of the event that we might be forgiven for having missed the signs from New York’s blunder of the decade. 

Except in a presidential campaign, when’s the last time you heard one Democrat rip on another? Only this once New York pols, Democrats and socialists all, were not all saying the same thing at the same time, lockstep, each mouthpiece cribbing talking points from the same script. 

Reputedly not the best of political pals, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and NY Mayor Bill De Blasio (D) ripped on Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for her nearly single-handed, simple-minded derailment of a gigantic economic opportunity, one costing the metro area 25,000 Amazon jobs and thousands of others related to the project. The more she spoke, the more AOC’s economic ignorance became apparent. 

Worse, her ignorance has its own contagion. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, and others of the Dem top flock, along with their dog packs, began barking in unison for AOC’s Green New Deal, and for other vote-buying scams like reparations for Blacks whose ancestors had been enslaved, Medicare for all, free college, and a guaranteed income whether we work or not. 

Trapped by their own identity politics, their group-think harmony edged out every adult in the room to raise AOC, the enfant terrible.

AOC being the exception to the rule, she shines a light on the rest of them: How is it Dems never seem to break ranks on key issues—like abortion, gay marriage, immigration, border security—when Republicans by comparison seem like freethinkers? One might suspect Dem party chiefs must wield brutal power hammers in the form of campaign financing, committee assignments, and peer esteem to keep the sheep in the fold. Why else would so many newly-elected Dems run on ditching Pelosi, then once sworn in, goosestep into rigid ranks not unlike Kim Jong-Un’s commie zombies. 

If Dems can run their party like a summer camp for underachieving knuckle draggers, how might they run the rest of us if given the chance?

We had a few hints about our future as the Amazon deal went south, so to speak:

  1. De Blasio’s approach was one of arrogance, and despite week-long indications things were going awry, the noisy, unyielding political opposition did nothing to repair the tension between the parties. It was as if relatives of the bride-to-be went out of their way to irritate the princely, prospective son-in-law (a la the Markles?).
  2. Instead of retreating from stupidity, AOC celebrated the loss and De Blasio turned on Amazon for its “abuse of corporate power,” and said, NYC would be better off without them
  3. US Senator and POTUS candidate Elizabeth Warren had this to say: “How long will we allow giant corporations to hold our democracy hostage?”

It all gets down to what she and her buddies mean by “allow,” doesn’t it? That’s the biggest thing we missed: the implication that if people like Bill de Blasio, AOC, or Elizabeth Warren were in charge, free choice simply would not be “allowed.”

The party that gave us FDR, Truman, and Kennedy is light years away from the party giving us the current crop of POTUS delusionaires. The new Alt-Left, symbolized by AOC and her Green New Deal, represent a seismic shift in party philosophy, but one thing the Progressive movers and shakers know: First, they have to sweep enough of the central government, from POTUS on down to legitimize total USA control. 

History tells us all or nearly all socialist regimes begin with one free election: Nazi Germany (National Socialism) and Russia (the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), and Venezuela are three good examples, whereas the People’s Republic of China Cuba, and North Korea didn’t waste time with votes. Each of them promised to spread the wealth and create worker equality in an economic paradise.  

History also tells us the political ideologues of those socialist movements knew they could not achieve their workers’ utopias voluntarily because every society has groups deemed undesirable, and they must be removed (the mentally ill are usually the first to go), and in America, they’ll go after the over-achievers like the Soviets went after the kulaks. And in a twinkling, equality of misery replaces everyday freedoms.

Millennials and their younger sibs raised with their own bedrooms and bathrooms, and with safe spaces protecting them from differing views, should be especially wary of socialism’s promises. America is not Sweden. Snowflakes unwilling to tow the party’s sled will find out what re-education camps are all about—and without an app to help them. Unlimited abortion will be encouraged so as not to overburden the demands on the socialist dream. In fact, AOC just asked the question: “Is it still okay (for young people) to have children?” And what they could do with the elderly is the stuff of nightmares.

Of course, the GND will go the way of the Dodo bird as savvier Dems distance themselves from AOC and refuse to vote for it in the Senate, but no one should breathe easy. The crazies of the Alt-Left are gaining traction. With socialists in control of today’s Democrats, what will Democrats do when they get control of us?

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