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Progressives Play the Pretty Boy Card

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What really rankles about Joe Kennedy III’s vacuous rebuttal to President Trump’s SOTU is that once again, Progressives are playing the pretty boy card, and the implications are deeply unsettling.

So, it wasn’t the bit of drool hanging on Joe’s lower lip, though he had to have been drooling at the opportunity to jump on the national stage with so little—of substance—to recommend him.

And it wasn’t that he gave us a vegetarian’s plate dressed with only the wilted garnish of women’s abortion rights, Black victimhood, entitlements for illegals, and who knows what else.

It wasn’t even that Kennedy spoke before hand-picked screamers while POTUS reached out to Progressives, most of whom proved semi-comatose and churlish, posing as stalwarts of democracy while playing video games on our dime.

And it sure didn’t bother me not to listen to the likes of a singsongy Chuck Schumer or the raspy idiocy of a Nancy Pelosi. So, thanks for that, Joe.

Four times now since WWII, when Progressives had no political hand to play, they produced a pretty boy to gull all those who vote—or buy cereal, cars, or makeup—for the curb appeal of looks, youth, and name brand. Progressives know those attributes matter to enough voters to make a difference, and they have history to prove it. 

As a junior high school kid in 1960, I vividly recall the girls—and their mothers—swoon over the candidacy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a senator from Massachusetts whose WWII heroism gathered vets’ votes, but offered little else other than looks and age. Did I mention his father, the original Joe Kennedy, and his money? This love affair over Camelot took place in an area with Republican bedrock under every house. Apparently, the love affair was not isolated to my little Ohio town. 

In an election not determined by the Russians, but by—according to those who claim to know—a man who slid a vote-laden van into Lake Michigan, King Joe’s son, Jack, was made president and for that bit of luck, we got the Berlin Wall right after Khrushchev discerned weakness at their 1961 face-to-face. Next, we became the beneficiaries of nuclear missiles in Cuba, a circumstance which almost took us to the very end of time. Mr. Kennedy’s last major gift to us was the escalation of our presence in Vietnam, and well, many of you know—or experienced—what came next.

Interestingly, Lyndon Johnson was vetoed another term by an anti-war media, in what may have been the fourth estate’s first revolt from a Progressive agenda. New power accrued to a media claque realizing it could topple a president. They made Watergate a monstrosity, mocked Ford’s golfgame, tagged Reagan for senility, GHWB for looking at his watch, and made GWB look like a draft-dodging warmonger. Now, it’s attempting to pin lunacy on DJT. 

Against popular war hero, George H.W. Bush, Progressives put up a no-name Arkansas governor in 1992. He was young, smoked pot, was good looking, and brought along a partner steeped in feminism. By all accounts, Bill had never served anyone but himself, yet he gained the presidency with media help, and what did we get? The first attack on the World Trade Center, the USS Cole, the growth of al Qaeda, the crippling of US intel capabilities, and one scandal after another—all coming from White House advisors who couldn’t seem to obtain security clearances. So much for looks.

As a further aside, there are some who think the Deep State—entrenched bureaucrats with a political agenda—got its start in the '90s. They already had allies in the classrooms of the nation, and once they linked up with favored media pals, an Alt-State—a cabal of progressive militants in government, academia, and the media—began to take the shape we know today.

The Alt-State worked hard to erode patriotism and family values during the second Bush term, thus setting the stage for yet another out-of-the woodwork candidate to capture the political stage in 2008. Barack Obama offered his looks, youth, and almost nothing else, but his color offered an opportunity to appease Black hopes and assuage White guilt. 

And what did we get? A false start at national health care, Benghazi, and ISIS, to name just three. A black president wasn’t the only first, however. Obamian leadership gave us the most corrupt, flagrant attempt by bureaucrats ever to rig a presidential election. Worse than J. Edgar Hoover’s abuses, and worse than Watergate, Obama-Clinton acolytes sought to overthrow democratic government in the United States. They seemed certain that with a third term of Progressive hegemony, collaboration of the Alt-State would ensure they might never have to risk the outcome of another national election.

In the film, The Good Shepherd, Robert DeNiro playing the Bill Donovan character, reminds one of his men: “You know how Hitler came to power? It was the clerks…the civil servants who gave it to him.” 

In 2016, Obama’s civil servants conspired to give the power to Hillary Clinton, and they almost succeeded. They’re still working to unseat the president elected by the people. 

Will yet another pretty boy lead Progressives to success in 2020?

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