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A Nation of Laws, Not of Men. These words are engraved in stone atop the pillars of many a courthouse across our land. Yet, in our 242nd year of independence, it must be asked: Is it still true?

Prompting the question is an article in The Week centering on a potential reopening of investigations into illicit Clinton shenanigans during the Obama years. It closed with a Vox.com line from Andrew Prokop suggesting we’re now in a country where presidential enemies are investigated and prosecuted, and this is ‘where it began.’ 

Not so fast. Sentient beings will acknowledge, of course, that progressives have a steroidal entitlement when it comes to double standards. That is to say, their short-term memory loss (political Alzheimer’s making them unfit to govern?) means no one else is permitted a misdeed with impunity.

This is not to suggest, however, that DOJ being interested in the Clintons because POTUS thinks it should be, is in any way, a misdeed. In fact, a huge slice of the American population wonders why it hasn’t occurred already. No one expected Obamians to do their duty, of course, since it was an administration apparently dedicated to preserving, protecting, and defending progressive impulses, criminal and otherwise, at all costs.

Warren G. Harding had Teapot Dome, but scandals during the Obama years cling like iron filings to a magnet. Here’s a Dirty Dozen:

  1. Operation Fast and Furious—Arming Mexican drug lords for a questionable purpose, with AG Holder the first of many to plead incompetence to avoid nastier truths.   
  2. Solyndra—We never did get to the bottom of that $500 million taxpayer gift, did we? 
  3. Lois Lerner and the IRS—The second-best example of weaponizing a federal agency to go after political adversaries—was this ‘where it began’? 
  4. Benghazi—Progressives are tired of this one because it comes closest to their creed: human beings are expendable in the cause of political action.
  5. Clinton Global Initiative—Was this a one-stop shop to offer millions in trade for face time and favors? Finders fees in the extreme?
  6. Uranium One—A word like treason should rarely be used, but this is another example of progressives’ hate for America going the limit. Is there anything progressives won’t do to take America down a few notches?
  7. James Comey—His exoneration of HRC two months before completion of the so-called FBI investigation conducted by known politically conflicted civil servants is breathtaking in scope, isn’t it?
  8. The Lynch-Clinton tarmac tete a tete—Whoever believes AG Lynch and Bill Clinton talked about grandchildren must believe Bill never preyed on Monica Lewinsky.
  9. Sanctuary Cities/States—Who’d have thought we’d have whole American cities and states regularly, routinely, ritually flouting federal law—all thanks to an Obamian strategy?
  10. Planned Parenthood—How did the selling of infant body parts pass anyone’s aroma test for the right thing to do? Did Obamians lift a finger to prevent those infants from being drawn and quartered—for profit?
  11. Burwell v Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor—Just two of the cases where the Obama crowd used the Affordable Care Act to deny First Amendment religious rights to citizens. Should we have been surprised?
  12. FISA warrant abuse—Perhaps worst of all, trusted organs of government were used to directly attack and foul an opponent’s presidential campaign. There is no limit after all, is there?

There are more than the Dirty Dozen, of course. Has anyone been indicted? Has anyone spent even one hour in confinement? Has anyone been held accountable for them? Have many—any—lost jobs, been demoted, been reassigned, had their reputations destroyed? 

The Obama Administration, transparent only in its total fecklessness, was comfortable in flaunting its excesses because it could. Progressive operatives from the very top on down knew the Alt-State it manipulates would cover for it. How? By ignoring progressive misconduct and by constantly attacking conservatives for its missteps, false or trivial.

And what is the Alt-State? It is the so-called deep state in government, leftist media icons, left-biased academia, and Hollywood opinion makers, all influencing public thought. And why? Progressives never indict their own. 

No person of conscience can have amnesia about Obamian excesses committed with Orwellian zeal. In the Alinsky playbook—black letter law for true progressives—no regulation, no principle, no law need stand in the way of their march to power. And they almost succeeded in keeping it. 

There has been no accounting whatsoever—except once, and that was on Election Day.

We have only to have witnessed the Obamic parade of governmental abuse to think we nearly became a nation of progressive programs, not laws. Is it any wonder, then, that ordinary Americans might believe there is, indeed, a free lunch, or better, a free felony? 

Can a free society long endure without an accounting, even if overdue? 

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