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Trump’s High Ground

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On October 29th, in this space, I wrote, “See Trump Run—And Win!” I stand by its first line: Can anyone doubt Donald J. Trump may well become our first Independent POTUS?


The pollsters and most of the chattering class have missed that fact, and have much to ponder while getting over the reality of Trump’s stunning victory. Had they spent more time in flyover country—where Trump went often—they might have noticed what I saw happening in early summer as I drove around Pennsylvania’s Lawrence County. Notorious for its century long commitment to unionism and old-time Democratic values—and where we Deplorables cling to our guns and religion—the county began sporting yardsigns for Trump, and later for Trump-Pence, which outnumbered those for Clinton-Kaine by at least 15 to 1.

Not in my memory had I ever seen such support for a non-Democrat outlier, one the political establishment had also branded an odds-on loser. Yet, if solid working people wearing both white and blue collars were putting it out there in a traditional D stronghold, could this be occurring in Ohio, Michigan, and elsewhere? Evidently it was.

As the leaves flew and more Trump signs appeared before modest homesteads, the scene described the truly Jacksonian shift about to occur, and in the visual noise they made could almost be heard Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man. Even with Trump’s occasional off key notes, it had a beauty all its own.

By the way, amongst my Christian-Jewish-Muslim-Atheist friends, there isn’t a single misogynist, racist pig, as so smeared by smug progressives and their media servants. They are the good people who support their communities, belong to Rotary, Lions, and Kiwanis, still think hard work and marriage are good things, and who think late term and partial birth abortions are a moral stain upon us all.


When considering the forces arrayed before our imperfect change candidate, and when they come to mind now, the “rigging” Trump contended makes his victory all the more amazing:

· The entire political establishment, with each party’s wings dangling litmus paper over every utterance or action, was uniform in its disdain for the billionaire outsider. While true that Reince Priebus and the RNC came around to the reality of a Trump candidacy, for awhile it looked like, “It’s Just Lunch,” and nothing else. For its part, the deeply embedded progressive machine, slobbering with its trove of oppo research, waited in ambush, and this year, they were joined by the banking and investment crowd that somehow hoped the disease of wealth re-distribution would never infect them.

· The entertainment industry hustled to buy votes a la the Romans with panem et circenses.

· The education “industry,” from kindergarten to Ivory Tower altitudes, tamped down support for anyone but the anointed queen mother. Daily news items surfaced the First Amendment trashings that pervaded of our so-called halls of enlightenment, and the street protests of his election underline the wasted energies of the coddled masses.

· State Media’s self-slimed stench required us all to shower more frequently to avoid the systemic hypocrisy as they thumbed every scale suiting its penchant for thoughtless, social pluralism. Many shun the blessings of unity and continue to sow racial and class division even as I write. Worse than sore losers on the streets are sore losers with a mic.


Fortunately for all of us, most of the blocs aching for change quietly and persistently supported the only candidate they found fit for the job of president. Why did they overlook Trump’s shortcomings?

One thing so many of us know—that’s those of us who live in the fields on both sides of the fabled blue wall—is that the men and women necessary to drain a swamp won’t be dressed in tuxes and ball gowns, won’t have a degree in English from Yale, and in their private moments, will say things they hope will never be recorded or repeated to their minister, priest, or rabbi. Another thing we all know, too, is there’s nothing cruder than rank dishonesty and hypocrisy at any level on the work ladder—at the swamp, in the newsroom, or in the Oval Office.

Because President-elect Trump thinks in terms of “the deal,” perhaps a series of lunches with relevant leaders might reveal for him what’s domestically possible and sensible on SCOTUS, border security and immigration, infrastructure and jobs, military and veteran care upgrades, Obamacare, Taxes, and Life Choices (late term and partial birth abortions).

Trump and his key leaders will soon know what’s doable in what timeline, and they know a few slices at a time are better than no bread at all. Trump’s independence can power national unity, despite childish street tantrums, despite lefty reminders about the popular vote, and despite insulting notions about race and gender hatred in all who voted against their corrupt candidate.


Gerald Ford’s line in another context comes to mind: “Our long national nightmare is over.” That’s true on several levels. What also may be worth repeating is another line from, “See Trump Run…,” which talks about the daunting task ahead, and concludes, “Donald Trump is the only candidate with the political cojones to get it done.”

If that isn’t too crude for anyone, now is the time to stand together while we make America great again.

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