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By some miracle, Republicans managed to time the news cycle correctly last week. The Durham report was released, excoriating the FBI’s handling of pretty much everything since Former FBI Director Robert Muller. And, the House Judiciary Committee held additional whistleblower hearings. Things could hardly look worse for the FBI — and, the once venerable institution deserves the scorn and opprobrium being heaped on it by the bucket full. 


What exists now, barely more than a year out from my retirement, is unrecognizable. 

It’s deeply saddening, watching an institution designed to ferret out and prosecute the enemies of the constitution being infiltrated, compromised, and consumed by the very ideologies it was created to combat. This isn’t something to be celebrated or trivialized by silly slogans like, “the FBI should be Control-Alt-Deleted.” Unfortunately, conservative media is all too happy to propagate such fatuousness. Soundbites rule over substance. 

The media industrial complex is popularizing the same spirit of demagoguery that got us into this mess in the first place. It’s so easy to fall into this trap, especially when the enemy is within the gates. The loudest voices aren’t necessarily right. 

Our country is in peril, perhaps like never before. The FBI ethos has been eroded, like a once proud marble edifice pitted, cracked, and broken by the onslaught of weather and time. And, just like the processes that reduced ancient structures to rubble, a process has been at work to deconstruct our civil society and our institutions. 

The problem isn’t complex, its systemic, and the cause isn’t served by celebrating the loathsome. Perhaps I’m just too old school for this particular debate, but doxxing fellow FBI street agents in the name of “whistleblowing” is inexcusable. For me, it’s nothing less than fratricide — the guilty should face a rhetorical firing squad. 

Any good street cop knows, you never endanger your brothers and sisters in blue, regardless your own personal sense of bitterness or betrayal. But, in the frenetic world of social media and corporatist news, blood is in the water. And, blood sells. There’s a Biblical principle that’s  apropos, whoever rolls a stone, it will be returned on him. In the vernacular, it’s “what goes around, comes around.”  


All of this — the corruption of the FBI’s integrity, the doxing of street agents, the infantile calls for defunding — is symptomatic of the national corruption of character and discourse which underlies what we’re witnessing in our institutions. 

It’s the very same spirit we all deplore in our morally bankrupt leadership. It’s the same insidious self-centeredness that’s at the heart of “wokeness.” The spirit that says “I’ll define myself” in vain defiance of nature. 

It’s an ancient evil; the eons old rebellion of Lucifer, who nurtured the thought, “I shall be like the Most High.” None of us are above His law, and until we understand that, our republic and its institutions are doomed to an inexorable decay. 

FBI leadership has been overcome by liberal hubris. Thinking their notions of politics or justice outweigh centuries of carefully constructed process. They imagine themselves to be above the law, that the constitution is living and malleable, subject to their tinkering. 

There aren’t easy solutions anymore. We’re far beyond that point. The task is Homeric, and we’ve no hope for success unless we’re all pulling on the oars. It’s not enough to tweet about defunding the FBI — a simple minded platitude that has no real meaning. We all have to champion the constitution at home, in our communities, and in the national arena.

A disease is at work in the body politic, and the weaponization of the FBI is merely one of its symptoms. Coursing, at fever pitch, through the seventh floor of FBI HQ is the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative. It sounds innocuous enough, however DEI is merely the newest evolution of the old racial quotas practice. It devalues those deemed to be minorities, creates schisms based on immutable characteristics or sexual preference, and replaces equal treatment under the law with a pernicious and amorphous “equity.” 


On the FBI’s official website, FBI Director Christopher Wray states, “The diversity and inclusion of our workforce is something I care deeply about…because the success of our efforts impacts our operations, our culture, and our future.” 

DEI will ensure a future workforce committed to the principles of political correctness and politicization. Having been inured to the philosophy of equity, taking action to influence the political power structure will seem natural and even preferable. Of course, the arbiters of equity are and will be powerful Democrats who manipulate the docile through notions of fairness — a system that favors those who support and promote Democrat hegemony. 

The White House has foisted this bigoted doctrine on every federal agency and illustrates the deeply systemic nature of the problem we face. 

The weaponization of the FBI is only the tip of the iceberg. The agency I devoted twenty years of service to is only a shadow of its former self — compromised by the left it once sought to thwart. It’s an oversimplification to say the FBI has become an enforcement arm of the Democrat party. Though true, that statement misses the real threat, and the answer isn’t purely about changing national politics. 

The FBI is one cog in a much bigger left-wing machine. All of this corruption springs from a deep state radically enhanced by the Obama administration. Now that the White House is occupied by a puppet of the leftist deep state, every other lever of national power has been co-opted. 


The culture of the FBI was radically changed by former Director Robert Muller. The culture can be changed again by a director with a mandate. Everything else is a distraction. We need the head of the snake — the White House. And, at this point, the only candidate with a proven track record of exercising a mandate is former President Donald Trump. 


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