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Crimes against children are inexpressibly evil. For decades, the FBI has been uniquely situated to identify, investigate, and arrest the people and groups involved in the trafficking and sexual abuse of our most vulnerable. And, FBI agents do this critical work in-spite of the tremendous personal costs incurred by close proximity to a crime of such horrific aspect. The men and women of the FBI work these kinds of cases as well as a gambit of violations that would quail people of lesser commitment. It was my honor to serve for twenty years alongside the best and brightest that our country has to offer.  


However, the good that FBI case agents do on a daily basis is obfuscated by the fog of infamy created by the malfeasance of some in FBI leadership. To ignore this is a betrayal of the integrity and bravery of those who defend America from her enemies both foreign and domestic. Agents hold themselves to the highest standards and still demand the same from their leadership. It is a disservice to them and an affront to their sense of integrity to excuse, blunt, or cloud the facts surrounding the current culture of partisanship. 

It is no easy thing to objectively analyze a beloved institution, the G-man sanctum, and come to the inescapable conclusion that the core FBI values of fidelity, bravery, and integrity have been betrayed to political masters. An agent’s fidelity is to the constitution and to no other. Agents do not swear an oath to a political party or to a political leader. To pander to party, in an attempt to subvert the democratic process, is an existential threat no less dire than the threat posed by agents of espionage. Hyperbole? Selling classified secrets to a foreign power may result in grave damage to national security, but to destroy the nation’s faith in the franchise  and in its critical institutions is to diffuse a poison without antidote — it’s an act of fratricide and severs the fundamental bonds that unite a federation of states. No foreign power could strike so grave a blow as that perpetrated by those charged with the duty to preserve, honor, and champion our civil rights.  


A few days ago, Brian O’Hare — President of the FBI Agents Association — penned a Fox News opinion piece admonishing the public to “pay attention to facts, not politics.” O’Hare produced a few paragraphs in defense of the work of the FBI and suggests that the political weaponization of the FBI is fiction. 

In the spirit of O’Hare’s piece, I’d like to suggest that we put on our junior agent’s badges, assume the role of an impartial fact finder, and let the evidence lead where it may. 

First, the tawdry, modern tale of FBI politicization begins with Hillary Clinton and her criminal negligence in mishandling classified information. Then FBI Director, James Comey, held a press conference on July 5, 2016 during which he delineated numerous examples of Top Secret and Secret materials that were found on Hillary’s unsecured, private server. Despite the evidence cited, Comey, in unprecedented fashion, assumed the role of prosecutor and announced, “no charges are appropriate in this case.” Then, obtusely, Comey went on to state that in any similar circumstance, someone mishandling classified information would be subject to administrative sanctions. Presumably, such a person would face DOJ prosecution as well. As any FBI agent can tell you, handling classified information in that manner would be viewed as criminal had the perpetrator not been Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee for President. 


Second, The penchant for Democrat party favoritism came to an ugly head when the cabal to subvert the presidency of Donald J. Trump was finally exposed. The perpetrators of this disgusting smear campaign are now all well known. Peter Strzok, his paramour Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, and other minor minions. All three have been dismissed from FBI service. Space does not permit a detailed recounting of the dismal conduct of the three aforementioned and disgraced FBI employees, but a detailed timeline and delineation of events can be found here

Anecdotally, Peter Strzok has gone on to produce an anti-Trump screed titled, “Compromised: Counterintelligence and The Threat of Donald J. Trump” which hardly lends credit to the assertion that Strzok was a model of objectivity. Additionally, both Strzok and McCabe are peddling their Trump derangement on the CNN contributor circuit. Lisa Page has found a new home at MSNBC — a failing Democrat party propaganda outlet.  

Third, the “mostly peaceful protests” that occurred during the summer of 2020, perpetrated by Antifa thugs and BLM activists received a measured response from FBI headquarters. FBI Director Christopher Wray expressed during congressional testimony that “We look at Antifa as more of an ideology or a movement than an organization.” He went on to say that Antifa is a “real thing.” During an October 2020 debate with Donald Trump, Joe Biden stated,”His own FBI Director said unlike white supremacist, Antifa is an idea not an organization.” Furthermore, Director Wray stated that the FBI logged 120 domestic terrorism arrests during 2020. These arrests spanned a variety of violations and were not specific to Antifa or BLM subversive operations. It may be a mischaracterization to assert that Director Wray discounted the Antifa threat, but it strains credulity to assert that the DOJ/FBI response to January 6th protests was commensurate with the summer of death and destruction perpetrated by Antifa and BLM operatives. To date, DOJ — via the massive investigative resources committed by the FBI, — has charged 850 individuals from 48 states for “crimes” that occurred during the single day January 6th protest. 


Finally, the FBI’s conduct during the recent Mar-a-Lago raid, the tissue of pretext used to secure search warrants, and the recent appointment of a Special Master to provide oversight of DOJ and FBI activities related to the raid, cast the FBI in the most unflattering light. Spurred on by an activist Attorney General, the FBI continues to cover up for Hunter Biden’s laundry list of crimes and perversions, resulting in the resignation of former Assistant Special Agent In Charge, Timothy Thibault. Moreover, the FBI’s recovery of Ashely Biden’s diary is beyond the pale. The home of James O’Keefe was the subject of an FBI search to recover the diary, not coincidentally containing statements about Joe Biden taking showers with his daughter Ashely — repulsive. Stolen or not, this is nothing less than the Joe using FBI agents as his personal valets. 

So what’s your verdict? I’m appalled at how an honorable institution has been twisted by Democrat partisans. The FBI can be salvaged — must be salvaged. The FBI is merely reflective of the corruption leaching from Biden’s White House. Joe Biden is a blight, as is his party.

Restore the Executive and the FBI will follow suit. 

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