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The truth is always the first casualty of war because deception is the tyrant’s most powerful weapon.

In our own country, a political war rages. Language has been conscripted by PSYOPs operatives whose sole objective is to poison the American mind. And, democrats have been tireless in propagandizing for their master — the father of lies. 


Never before has an American political party allied itself so completely with infernal forces. Their lust for infanticide is sociopathic — it is this spirit of death that most animates their base. They howl against the empty tombs of infants while they prance obscenely in front of churches and mime pulling infants from their own wombs and cheer while the slaughter is dramatized in scenes that would have staggered Dante’s imagination. One must only mention the Dobbs decision to drive the legion of death from the field of discourse, shrieking into a proverbial herd of swine. 

Is this the party of truth? 

Democrats have learned well from their political archetypes — China, Russia, and Iran. The Demi-tyrants laud the utopian ideology of the world’s communist police states while minimizing and excusing the atrocities perpetrated by every socialist-communist-fascist state the world over. 

The actual fascist, Joe Biden, clumsily slandered his opposition as semi-fascist (whatever that means). This kind of irony becomes commonplace as republicanism devolves into left-wing totalitarianism. Ask yourself an easy question. Does Joe Biden represent more control or less? Control is the engine of fascism. Who seeks more dominance in the affairs of your life — Joe Biden or his nemesis, Donald Trump? By-the-way, the Supreme Court’s recent decision on Roe v. Wayde represents an expansion of liberty, giving the people, through their state representatives, the ability to decide directly on the question of abortion. Democrats wish to preserve federal control on the question of infanticide. The privileged and powerful seek to preserve their power over you.    


The party of the lie is led by a man stitched together with the black threads of deception. Biden’s betrayal in Afghanistan is called a successful withdrawal. His wholesale importation of illegal immigrants through an open southern border is called compassionate. His catastrophic economic policies that have recently resulted in the worst inflation in two generations, soaring energy costs, and shortages of basic necessities is termed a robust economic recovery. His feckless incitement of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is euphemistically described as the defense of world-wide democracy. His weaponization of the DOJ and FBI to thwart a political opponent is called justice. And, perhaps worst of all, his perverted, incestuous relationship with his daughter, the accusation of rape, and countless public displays of sexual harassment simply go unanswered. Is this a man of truth — a party of truth? 

To be sure, the modern Republican party is shot through with greed and lust for power. But the Democrats, as a party, are reprobate to the core. In fact, no man or woman of conscience, knowing the truth, can give aid or support to a party so rabidly opposed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Certainly, no man or woman — there are, in truth, only two sexes or genders — can claim the title “Christian” and give any support to a party so radically opposed to every Christian virtue. Democrats seek to destroy meaning, and so, reshape the universe in their image. But the destruction of meaning has severe existential consequences of which blundering politicians are willfully ignorant. Instead of utopia, the extinction of truth brings madness. Russia, China, and Iran are all examples of this, having perpetrated genocide.  


It’s fitting that a senile buffoon leads the party of lies. His grip on reality is tenuous at best and as he falls further into a necrotic delusion he becomes more and more of a living analogy. Just as his party is a desiccated husk, so Biden becomes the embodiment of an old ideology, dry, stiff, and mad as the rational universe gives way to a subjective abyss. This is not the way of truth, which, the scriptures say, is like a path that grows brighter and brighter. 

So when Democrats describe Make America Great Again supporters as terrorists (MAGAt or plural MAGAts), you should pause to consider: which side stands for measurable, objective, truths like those embodied in the constitution? Which side seeks to decentralize power? You can be sure that those who blur the lines around meaning do so with an evil intent to forge iron shackles figuratively and literally. 

But as to the terrorism question, which party supported a summer of violence and destruction perpetrated by their own surrogates: BLM and ANTIFA? The real violence — from the left — resulted in millions in property damage and death during the summer of 2020. Left wing violence is commonplace and is perpetrated always in the name of the people. That terrible summer made January 6th look like a rowdy Cub Scout meeting. Yet the organizers, as well as the organizations themselves, go without facing prosecution. That single fact proves the political nature of the January 6th prosecutions. And, despite the participation of a few RINOs, like the now deposed Liz Cheney, the January 6th kangaroo court is a Democrat owned and operated affront to liberty.


Lies are always insidious. They are corrosive of liberty, because only a moral people are capable of self-government. As the immorality of the lie propagates, the fascism within our government will erode our institutions until they collapse. The real terrorists are those who make you afraid to speak the truth — they are the fear mongers who cause you to whisper the things you should be saying out loud.  


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