Giving Thanks For The Atom Bomb

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 12:01 AM
 Giving Thanks For The Atom Bomb

Coal, black gold torn from the midnight depths of earth’s suffocating dungeons. Crude oil, harvested from below the pulverizing weight of Neptune’s anxious and relentless sea. Steel, birthed from lakes of fire tamed to cauldrons and bent to the will of man. Led, smelted and teased by the alchemy of time and patience. The atom, the lightning bolt of Zeus wrenched from his grip by the titans of theoretical physics. I give thanks for all these things.

Only two atomic bombs have ever been used in the prosecution of war. The first bomb, called Little Boy, fell on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and the second bomb, called Fat Man, was dropped on the city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Approximately, 250,000 people died or would die in the months following the apocalyptic detonations. Though the death and suffering were horrific, it is right to give thanks.

The liberal mind is incapable of processing this seeming contradiction because it is governed by a presupposition uninformed by objective, historical fact. Moreover, the liberal mind rejects out of hand the very notion of objective fact and lives in a stuporous purple haze where good intentions are and end in themselves. For the liberal (progressive) history and politics are relative; America is no more exceptional than Russia, Iran, or the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

But, in 1945 America’s politicians did not have the leisure of peace in which to concoct childish fairy tales about American imperialism and moral equivalence. In the 1940’s Americans were battling for national survival. In the cauldron of total war, it’s impossible to deny that an enemy is evil when his fingers clutch your gasping windpipe. Casualty estimates for a conventional invasion of Japan were between 1.7 and 4 million for the allies. President Harry S. Truman chose to prioritize American and allied lives over the lives of enemy combatants and civilians. He was decisive for precisely the same reason that Obama cannot be—Truman believed that America wore the white hat, that the Axis powers were morally evil, bent upon conquest and subjugation.

In fact, an Obama can’t exist in that kind of environment, the winds of reality simply blow away the narcotic haze of moral and political relativity. No one is interested in stories about America’s unfair treatment and exploitation of the third world when the jack-boot is on your neck. In total war, where an enemy seeks unconditional subjugation, there is no place for a sniveling race-hustler like Obama.

Therefore, give thanks for the atom bomb, because it was the salvation of millions of American lives and is today a deterrent to the world’s truly imperious evil empires.

Americans should also be thankful for coal. Obama has vowed to destroy this industry, to the cheers and adulation of cow-eyed liberals who inhabit academe and who make their nests in our mega-cities, whose life’s blood is pumped through thick, high tensioned electrified cables. Liberals putter from one coffee house to the next in their electric cars and mutter endlessly to each other over their smart phones and laptops, all powered by batteries. The toady media broadcasts their adulation of a green administration by the megawatt. All the while, the entire edifice of modern life is powered by coal. The Chevy Volt, the iPhone, the lights that magically illuminate at the flick of a switch are all powered by coal. Only a fraction of our nation’s power is supplied by nuclear plants and hydroelectric. So, the silly glitterati who bathe in the radiant beam of coal generated power, hail their destroyer while decent and industrious men lose their livelihoods in coal rich states like Kentucky and West Virginia. It seems the only promises that Barack Obama keeps are the ones he makes with the Devil.

Give thanks for coal. 83,000 miners give thanks for the food it puts on their tables.

Crude oil is a favorite boogey man of the childish left. What is lost on the irrational left is that it is a naturally occurring substance. In fact, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill prompted democrats and radical environmentalists to predict disaster of Biblical proportions in the Gulf of Mexico. No such thing ever materialized despite an estimated discharge of 4.9 million barrels of crude. Crude is the natural material from which gasoline and jet fuel are refined. It is an extremely energetic substance that makes it possible to power the internal combustion engine, propel a Boeing 747, or speed a 68 ton M1A1 Abrams main battle tank across the sands of Iraq. There simply is no substitute for it. It is a national asset and as such is a primary target of the bolshevik environmental movement and of the Obama administration. Due to fracking and other modern methods, America possesses more oil than all the Middle East oil cartels combined. The Obama administration demonizes exploration and refinement of crude simply because a powerful and engaged America is a threat to Obama’s goal of diminution and parity.

Give thanks for crude oil because it powers the army of liberty.

Steel composes the skeleton of the American colossus. Liberals are fond of cities with skyscrapers built out of steel I-beams and rivets. These are the products of the great smoke stack industries and the perennial target of liberalism. Steel made cities like Detroit possible with a vibrant and teeming auto industry. But, not even a city like Detroit in its heyday was strong enough to long endure the oxidizing influence of democrat political control and labor union corruption. The city now slumps, rotting as a testament to the inevitable consequence of liberal democrat social and economic policy.

Give thanks for steel because it is the backbone of American industrialism and prosperity.

Finally, lead is a magical substance possessing the needed characteristics of malleability and density which suit it to be formed into projectiles. Encase lead in a copper jacket and you have a projectile suitable to confer a tool of power on the citizen. It is the terror of tyranny and the guarantor of the civil society’s liberty. And, this is why the left despises the firearm and its ammunition. The liberal aristocracy possesses a visceral revulsion for tools of power wielded by citizens because it defeats their primary objective: the coalescence of power in a central authority. Liberal democrats seek to legislate or regulate firearms out of existence not because they wish to save lives but because they wish to secure and perpetuate their own power. The firearm stands in the way of history’s arc of tyranny. No other rights are enforceable in the face of tyranny without the natural right of keeping and bearing arms.

Give thanks for lead because when all else fails, lead on target is the last and best argument.

Americans set aside a day of thanksgiving to recognize the singular blessings of the Creator. American history is a story of Divine intervention at critical points where no other explanation is possible. We all give thanks for the things and people that are most important to us. But, the Thanksgiving tradition has always revolved around the God of the Bible:

“[I] appoint . . . a day of public Thanksgiving to Almighty God . . . to [ask] Him that He would . . . pour out His Holy Spirit on all ministers of the Gospel; that He would . . . spread the light of Christian knowledge through the remotest corners of the earth; . . . and that He would establish these United States upon the basis of religion and virtue.” GOVERNOR THOMAS JEFFERSON, 1779

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