Ferguson—Michael Brown Got Justice

Posted: Nov 22, 2014 12:01 AM

Ferguson, Missouri is a litmus test. If you think Michael Brown, who happens to be black, was a victim of police brutality, you’re probably a racist. If you think the Grand Jury should indict officer Darren Wilson, who happens to be white, you’re most likely a racist and/or a Bolsheviki dupe.

We all know the salient facts of the Ferguson shooting incident. Michael Brown, entered a convenience store, after taking a few hits from his favorite blend of herb, and perpetrated a strong arm robbery. The 6’4”and nearly 300 pound Brown shoved and menaced a diminutive store owner to complete his crime and effect his escape with his stolen goods. A short time later, Brown encountered officer Wilson. Brown attacked officer Wilson, fracturing his orbital socket and causing other injuries. During this battery, Brown attempted to take officer Wilson’s firearm. Just before officer Wilson was beaten to the point of unconsciousness, he fired at Brown, fatally wounding him. Additionally, autopsy reports do not support the claim that Brown was in a position of surrender, with his arms raised, when he was shot. We also know, through Grand Jury leaks, that there are several black witnesses who support officer Wilson’s version of the incident.

Ferguson, then, isn’t about objective facts but about black bigotry and racism.

Anyone familiar with the rudiments of the law governing the use of force knows that it is irrelevant whether a perpetrator is armed with a weapon. The standard is the same for police officers and civilians alike. The test is simply, was the victim in imminent jeopardy of serious bodily harm or death? If the answer to this question is yes then the self defense exception to statutory murder is satisfied. Serious bodily harm or death can be accomplished through the use of a weapon or by dint of disparities in size or strength. Attempting to seize a firearm from a police officer while in the performance of his or her lawful duty is a priori deadly force.

Or put another way, Michael Brown attacked officer Darren Wilson, attempted to seize his firearm and was shot—he got what he had coming to him.

So, what’s all the fuss about? The world-wide left has manipulated the animosities in race relations since the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. The natural feelings of civil unrest, initiated by the Democrat policies of Jim Crow, found focus and leadership in the 60’s through civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The legitimate struggle for black participation in civil rights, including due process, was at some points manipulated by marxist elements. The destabilization of American society and its exploitation as an opportunity to radicalize vulnerable minorities was and is a chief objective of progressivist revolutionary elements. The modern democrat party is a cesspool of progressive, marxist, and socialist opportunists.

The American left seizes on any opportunity to pit race groups in opposition to create notions of class and to agitate for their conflict. This is the great marxist dialectic in operation. Conflict militates for change in the status quo and demands radical political resolution. Once demand for change is fomented, the marxists stand ready to offer their illusory solutions of hope in the form of a utopian, compassionate collectivism. Race is a ready made catalyst for leftist elements and Ferguson is the perfect Petri dish in which to grow the virus of class and racial discontent. The only chemistry needed is an incident involving disparate racial elements. Context is irrelevant. Facts are irrelevant. Black America has been the subject of a racial dialectic in which truth is always subjective and relative to the dictates of the politics of manufactured racism.

Though long dead as a pervasive and institutional phenomenon, racism is an electrifying charge that easily invigorates a counterculture of antisocial malcontents, loitering in self-imposed exile, calling participation in American free enterprise, education, and politics a betrayal of black identity and subjection to Uncle Tom. The black elite have rebranded participation and success as cultural failure and betrayal. A permanent underclass has been created on whom grubbing, black elitists feed their avarice. Greed and covetousness are made virtues while participation in the promise of a self-reliant free enterprise is demonized. Conversely, a slavish dependance on and obedience to party and big government are celebrated as culturally authentic. Black America labors on the Democrat plantation—the Dixiecrats are alive and well.

Far from an organic uprising, the demonstrating, rioting, and racist rhetoric in and about Ferguson are all manufactured and organized by a privileged and monied league of black agitators. Beginning with the lead revolutionary, Barack Obama, the politburo of racism militates against the fundamental principles of the civil rights movement.

When apparatchiks like Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and their obsequious underlings boldly deny the right of officer Wilson to due process they undermine any notion of due process rights for all Americans. In fact, they affirm the lawlessness that inspired reconstruction lynchings and the democrat formation of the Ku Klux Klan.

If we are not all equal before the law, maintaining the fundamental notion of innocence until guilt is proven, then we have in an instant devolved to the wretched state of subjects, vulnerable to the whims of a petulant oligarchy. The Bolshevist progressives have stripped officer Wilson of his civil rights and have thrown him to the lynch mob, a sacrifice to a twisted notion of reparation.

While bounties are placed on officer Wilson’s head, the leaders of the racism industry militate for violence in the name of Selma. The irony could not be more grotesque since the peaceful Selma marches were in reaction to the racism and bigotry of southern Dixiecrats.

Ferguson isn’t about justice or due process. Nor is Ferguson about the death of a common thug or the ruination of a law enforcement officer’s career. Ferguson is a bludgeon in the hands of a cynical few who are hell bent on the implementation of their socialist agenda, men twisted by fictionalized injustices and consumed by ideology, greed, and the lust for power. They community organize and rabble rouse, biting the hand that feeds them. They rage against a caricature painted by long dead European elitists.

The mob will take their orders from the bobble-head Sharpton and from the lecherous Jackson, both of whom serve their master in the White House. Whatever the outcome, officer Wilson’s fate is our fate.