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Feminists and the Snakes in Their Heads

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Medusa, the cursed goddess with writhing snakes for hair, must certainly have been the first feminist. She is the prototype and her bitter acolytes still serve in the ancient Gorgon’s temple. It is a temple dedicated to hate, to its cultivation, exploitation, and manipulation for political purpose. Feminism feeds on the bile of the perpetually offended, a coven conjuring the illusion of wounds or frittering at the edges of old, itching scars. They may not have snakes for hair but feminists certainly have a knot of snakes in their heads.

In Ovid’s version, Medusa is a somewhat sympathetic character who was raped by the mythological god Poseidon and was cursed by the goddess Athena, who transformed Medusa’s beautiful hair into undulating serpents which cast a pall of bitter hate so venomous that it corrupted her original beauty into a ghastly form. The sight of Medusa’s face could turn mortals or gods into solid stone. Medusa is symbolic of many things but she has often been representative of female rage and fury. Prominent feminists Emily Culpepper and Griselda Pollock, among others, have argued for the formal adoption of the goddess as a feminist symbol. It is apropos.

Feminism purports to be an advocate for women. A sisterhood self-selecting a constituency based on sex. If you are a woman, feminism claims to defend your intrinsic worth, claims to seek the highest and best purpose for you, and claims to provide an organized and homogenous political lobby.

However, several recent events have allowed anyone who is paying attention to see past the feminist temple facade to behold the malignant goddess lurking and shrouded beneath an undulating veil of adders.

Caroll Costello is a CNN anchor who recently reported with unabashed glee that two of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s were the subject of an assault and battery, as well as strong arm robbery. Audio of the incident emerged and provided Costello with her bitter draught of merriment. In short, Willow Palin, a young woman of 20, was battered by an unnamed woman. Bristol Palin, 24 years old and Willow’s older sister, came to her rescue and attempted to confront the criminally deranged female. Bristol was immediately set upon by a full grown male, shoved to the ground, and forcefully robbed of her sunglasses and shoes. Costello is a liberal feminist and reflects the grotesquery of feminism’s patron goddess. Costello also clearly demonstrates the utter hypocrisy inherent in feminism as she cooly disregards the perpetration of a brutal criminal act on two women simply because they do not share her politics.

Another scaly strand, dangling and spitting from the knotted coils of her subtle sisters, Sandra Fluke made a spectacle of herself in the not so long ago debate over women’s access to birth control. Sandra’s ignoble claim to fame involves her strident assertions that she and many other women were so prolifically engaged in sex that it could not reasonably be expected that they obtain prophylactics costing only a few dollars. This spurious claim could only have found resonance through propagation by a toady media and pandering Democrat party. Is this the promise of feminism? Free condoms and the objectification of women as an object of sexual exploitation? Apparently, feminists and Democrats think that a woman’s vote can be purchased with a box of condoms.

With her forked and darting tongue, Monica Lewinsky has again reasserted herself, wriggling on her belly through the dust of the earth and happily winding toward the warmth of public attention, no matter how debasing the cause of her celebrity. Lewinsky recently smeared the concept of love by linking it to her participation in a sex act defiling national honor and brazenly affronting a history composed of great men and women who sacrificed greatly. Most people would forever hide themselves in private disgrace, but Lewinsky happily plays the perpetual victim in a feminist cabal conveniently redounding to her own personal benefit. Instead of inspiring the best in women, feminism repeatedly celebrates the mundane or base in female behavior. Lewinsky is merely a convenient catalyst for female sympathy, an emotion easily exploited for feminist political gain.

Perhaps the most horrifying aspect of the feminist movement is the devaluation of not only unborn children and their subjugation to political brutality, but the abuse and manipulation of children of any age. The most recent example of the feminist war on children exists in the form of a YouTube video. In this piece of propaganda, prepubescent children are encouraged to use vulgarity traditionally associated with sailors deployed at sea. Anything and everything is subsumed to the accomplishment of political purpose. Girls are reduced to set pieces and exploited for shock value. This is the tyranny of ideology and no child existing within or without the womb is safe from objectification by the feminist political machine. Innocence has always been greedily accepted as sacrifice within the pagan pantheon where the ancient Medusa strangles truth in her implacable coil.

Women can only approach their real potential and enjoy liberation and the exercise of their natural power and creative capability by properly understanding their created purpose. Any woman would be challenged by the industry, creativity, and commercial accomplishment of the woman described in Proverbs 31. This woman is highly intelligent and deeply involved in the commercial activity of her time. Her combination of spiritual wisdom, familial management, and business acumen are unparalleled. She literally “brings home the bacon and fries it up in a pan.”

There is no claim that feminism makes that the Biblical description of a fully actualized woman does not surpass. In fact, the totality of feminism’s claims are paltry in comparison to this single chapter in the book of Proverbs.

The symbolism of the serpent is pregnant with meaning. Medusa’s head is infested with them and is the feature of her repulsiveness. In the Garden of Eden, the serpent is described as an originally beautiful creature but is cursed by God to crawl the dust of the Earth on its belly. Feminism transforms the beauty of womanhood into a contorted political monstrosity, tortured into ever more monstrous form by the whims of the movement’s taskmasters. Feminism doesn’t empower or liberate, it only makes women a neatly packaged political commodity to be bought and sold, ironically, by paunchy males in dimly lit rooms.

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