Jennifer Lawrence Deserves Justice not Sympathy

Posted: Sep 07, 2014 12:01 AM

Storing indiscreet photos in the “Cloud”is stupid. Jennifer Lawrence and a long list of other Hollywood starlets, models, and personalities must certainly now agree. The dust has settled somewhat surrounding the criminal hacking of Apple’s iCloud and the subsequent theft of nude photos stored there by a naive group of female celebrities.

It’s easy to see that a crime has been committed and any rational person must agree that the perpetrator ought to be brought to justice, on this point there really is no debate. However, this incident is pregnant with irony.

In monotonous unity and with the tempo of trained seals, feminists began to bewail the plight of Ms. Lawrence and her colleagues as victims of an over-sexed, misogynist society bent upon the victimization of long suffering heroines. Men have once again been exposed as predatory, moral degenerates. The theatre of the absurd is in high dudgeon. Why, the incident is a clear example of sexual predation, ravenous males practically tearing the clothes from the chaste shoulders of Hollywood’s glitterati. This is the politics of sex masquerading as moral outrage.

Hollywood exists to demolish traditional mores and custom, and to make billions in the process. It is the Mecca and Medina of liberalism which perpetually seeks the deconstruction of traditional American values. And, liberalism's primary success since the 1960's has been a revolution in how Americans perceive and understand sex. It is the loadstone in its secularized Kaaba; the sexualization and exploitation of women. Hollywood is the metaphor for all that is sexually perverse in our culture. The sex factories of pornography and the brutalization of the music industry are the incubus and succubus of Hollywood--liberalism is its gospel.

In fact, the point of the liberal/progressive sexual revolution of the 1960's was, and is, the subjugation of women through sex. Free love, meaning free sex, has been the nirvana of the secular male at least as far back as Sodom and Gomorra. Liberal women have been completely suckered. Women fail to see that abortion rights are really about the male fantasy of sex without consequence. The feminist rejection of the traditional role of the family relieves the modern male of his traditional responsibilities toward spouse and children. It's all a grotesquerie of deceit and domination with women as the object and Hollywood as chief propagandist.

Drawn by limitless wealth and the lure of fame, Hollywood finds no shortage of female accomplices. Ms. Lawrence and rest of the bizarre menagerie cavort in every conceivable medium, making merchandise of their hyper-sexualized images. These women have created multi-million dollar brands, the very mention of their names conjuring up images of lasciviousness. Scroll down the list of victims and google their names, their own publicity photos speak for themselves.

Given the perpetual and ubiquitous appeals to their sexuality, it's difficult to manufacture a sense of moral outrage when titilating photos are released. For women who become fabulously wealthy by branding and monetizing their assiduously managed sexuality, it is impossible to feel more than mere duty to justice when the merchandise of their bodies is stolen through their own cavalier management. Moral outrage also fails when the resulting harm was enabled through their own moral indiscretion. At least in Ms. Lawrence's case, the nude photos were not being shared with her spouse.

Again, there is no question that a crime has been committed and that a vigorous investigation is warranted. But, Hollywood, feminists, the liberal media, and the victims themselves have no moral leg to stand on and the soap-box preaching falls flat as flagrant hypocrisy. Beauty is ephemeral and Hollywood is full of the dusty husks of yesterday's luminaries, wearing macabre masks stretched taught against the irresistible passage of time. Every Hollywood starlet slow marches toward the trash bin of wrinkled obsolescence. When you pitch your tent toward Sodom, you forfeit the sympathies afforded to the just. Ms. Lawrence and her ilk have danced with the Devil in the pale moon light.