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The Year Of The Republican Woman: 7 Key Races

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For too long, conservatives have allowed the misogynistic party of Bill Clinton toportray itself as "the party of women." But when even the National Organizationof Women approves of sexual harassment as long as it’s done by Democrats andrefers to Republican womenlike Meg Whitman as whores, the time is ripe for a right-wing feministrevolution.

…….Which brings us to Sarah Palin. Despite the fact that the Left has hurledevery sexist insult at herthat you can imagine, nobody on the Left or Right has ever been moreeffective at pushing women candidates than she has. Add in the rise of groups likeSmart GirlPolitics and the increasing prominence of conservative heroines like MicheleBachmann, AnnCoulter, Mona Charen, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, Hannah Giles, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Tabitha Hale, Liz Cheney, Lori Ziganto, S.E. Cupp, Pamela Geller, Tammy Bruce, DebraBurlingame, Dana Perino, Melissa Clouthier, Kathryn Jean-Lopez, StarParker, Laura Ingraham, and Mary Katharine Ham and you've got all theingredients needed to create an alternative version of feminism that couldpermanently change American politics for the better.

Still, know what those ladies could really use? Some more help -- especially inCongress. So, if you could make it possible for conservative women to redefinefeminism and drive some liberals into the private sector while you're doing it,wouldn't that be a good thing? If, by chipping in a few bucks or even better at thispoint, making afew phone calls, you could make a difference in these races, wouldn't itbe worth it? Want to know the races where you can make the biggest difference?Well, here you go:

AnnaLittle: If you think this political environment is just about as good asit's ever going to get for the GOP and you want to be really aggressive in goingafter the Democrats, you couldn't do much better than supporting Anna Little.She's a genuine conservative up against Frank Pallone in New Jersey's 6th district.Under normal circumstances, a candidate like Little wouldn’t stand a chance ina +8 Democratic district. But this year? This race is looking like a toss-up witha lot of undecided voters who could still break either way before election day.If you'd like to get behind a viable candidate in a blue district who supportsthe Fair Tax and actually quotes James Madison on her issues page,then Anna Little is the candidate for you.

SharronAngle: She's running against Harry Reid. Enough said.

Carly Fiorina: Not every conservative loves Carly Fiorina and that's understandable.But, she is running against Barbara "Call me Senator" Boxer. Olympia Snowewould be a step up from Boxer and Fiorina is well to the right of either of theMaine sisters, Collins & Snowe.

Additionally, after having taken a hard look atthe races in the Senate yesterday, it's worth noting that it's unlikely thatwe'll take the Senate back this year if Fiorina doesn't win. If you had to boil it allthe way down to one key race that the Senate will probably hinge on, it would bethe Fiorina vs. Boxer race.

ReneeEllmers: Bob Etheridge is a liberal who has been sitting in a Republicanleaning district for the last 14 years. In that time, he has risen all the way up theranks to become the Democratic At-Large Whip. Now, the GOP has a chance toreplace him with a fiscal conservative who wants to repeal Obamacare, supportsthe Arizona immigration law, and opposes the Ground Zero Mosque. Give Ellmers thesupport she needs down the home stretch and she can send Bob Etheridge intoretirement.

JackieWalorski: If you talk to an Indiana conservative who's pluggedin, there's one name that you hear over and over again: Jackie Walorski. She'sin a toss-up race against Joe Donnelly in a +2 Republican district. Donnelly is oneof these blue dog Democrats who has talked about voting against Pelosi if sheruns for speaker again. Of course, Donnellyvoted with Pelosi "88 percent of the time and supported the WallStreet bailout, stimulus package and the Obama health care plan;" so how cananyone buy into the idea that he's an independent operator? How would you liketo replace that guy with a Republican woman like Walorski who wants to repealObamacare, opposes amnesty, and believes in fiscal responsibility and tax cuts?Give her the support she needs and it can happen!

Vicky Hartzler: Missouri's 4th district has a +11 Republican Cook Partisan Voting Index rating.Yet, who has been holding the seat since 1976? Democrat Ike Skelton. His lowestpercentage of the vote since 1980? 62%.Well, this time around, Ike Skelton, who voted with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time,is in a competitive race with a socially and fiscally conservative woman, VickyHartzler. The race? It's a toss-up and a few phone calls or ads at the end of therace could spell the difference between getting a conservative woman in that seatand having Ike Skelton occupy that seat until he keels over from old age.

Ruth McClung: Raul Grijalva is so toweringly arrogant and rabidly pro-illegal immigrationthat he called for a boycott of his own state over the Arizona immigration law. Ifthat isn't enough to get your blood boiling, then remember that this is the sameRaul Grijava who called for the United Nations to monitor and certify electionsin the United States. Of course, in his +10 Democratic district, Grijalva probablythought he was untouchable. Well, guess what? Twenty eight year old rocketscientist (Yes, really) Ruth McClung is in position to give him the political touch ofdeath. The race is currently considered to be a toss-up and with a little more help,McClung and the voters in Arizona could "boycott" Raul Grijava right out of officein a week.

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