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Let’s be clear. Journalism has been ruined for some time now, decades in fact. The American legacy media has left-wingers who have failed to put their political feelings aside when reporting facts. They use word gymnastics to create a false narrative and sway public opinion. Our Founding Fathers wanted a free press to keep the government in check, but the liberal media destroyed their intention.


This week Jim Acosta had his White House press credentials pulled. President Trump was answering questions during a press briefing when he called on Acosta. These two have a contentious relationship already. Acosta mentioned the Central American caravan that is coming through Mexico to the United States. Any president should be asked tough questions, regardless of their party. However, Acosta did not inquire. Instead, he lectured the president, telling Trump the group was not invading the country. Trump did not take Acosta’s smug comments. When a White House intern was ordered to get the microphone from Acosta, he pulled away from her, causing a scene.

Acosta is not a journalist. He is a left-wing activist and a symptom of liberalism inside news agencies. His questions are not objective. They are “gotcha” in nature intended to aggravate White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders or the president. Acosta does not plan to serve Americans by gathering the truth but creating a false narrative instead.

Acosta has a history of acting like this. Soon after Trump was elected, he became belligerent during questioning when Trump tried to move on to another reporter.

The problem is a grab at fame. Acosta is trying to make a name for himself. There is no regard for his position as a journalist. The Founding Fathers found importance in keeping the government in check and open via transparency. Acosta is not trying to do this. If he were, Obama would have been treated the same way. Acosta’s actions are not his “style,” but his biases.


Left-wing journalists attempt to gain notoriety through partisan questioning and have effectively killed journalism. Decades ago, the news was a place to gather facts and people were taught to think for themselves, creating their own opinions. Now, as society has fallen, individuals are no longer showed the value of critical thought. They watch a biased left-wing news station and listen to politicians who have talking points that further their political aspirations than believe their words are the truth.

It does not matter which side of the aisle. People should use their brain, deduction, reasoning, and common sense to determine how they feel about something. Now, we have brainless zombies who answer the media’s dog whistle of those who pose to be journalists.

The left kills anything it touches, and journalism is no different. Leftist journalists have destroyed their reputation and most likely will never recover from the self-inflicted damage.

No president before Trump ever pushed back on the media. They were often afraid of bad coverage, but they received negative results regardless. However, Trump is not a typical Republican politician. He calls the mainstream media out for their biases and pushes back when necessary.

Journalists are necessary for our society, but they must be accurate, fair, and most importantly honest. Whether we are children or adults, our word is essential. As long as we tell the truth, our integrity stays intact. If a police officer lies, he is no longer a credible witness and often will lose his job.


The same applies to the media. They have been caught being untruthful about this president more than once, and no longer have any credibility. The term “fake news” is not false. It is accurate. If the information reported is not the truth, then it is false.

Trump does not muzzle the media. It suppresses itself with spoken falsehoods.

No one makes the media lie. It is like any other non-ethical decision. The choice to be dishonest is conscious. Liberal media killed itself, not Trump. They were dead a long time ago. Jim Acosta is a symptom of what the media has morphed into once liberalism sunk its teeth deep within the executive offices of the mainstream media.

John Dempsey is a political and current event junkie with strong conservative leanings. He has also been published in He can be followed on Twitter @John_Demp83.

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