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The Democratic Party is officially out of a message and has no idea how to defeat President Trump just in time for the midterms. Since the left cannot articulate what they desire, which is pure power to destroy America and rebuild it into a Socialist Mecca, they cannot be truthful with their plans. Democrats consistently threaten the use of investigations to impede Trump’s agenda, instead. The left cannot stop Trump because conservative ideology defeats liberal ideas. The only thing left in the progressive quiver is investigations to rev up their voting bloc.

Since Trump was elected in 2016, the left has peddled the outrageous idea that somehow Russia and the president’s campaign colluded to win the election. Leading up to the election, Obama said that it would be impossible for Russia to rig our system since it is so large and decentralized, but the left forgot that statement. Strangely, after Hillary lost to Trump Russia was magically able to elect Trump as president with their meddling techniques.

Almost two years have passed since Trump was elected and Robert Mueller has failed to find any evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.

When Justice Kavanaugh, then judge, was nominated by Trump to take retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court, the left manufactured a crisis. Kavanaugh pushed back on allegations of sexual assault, and the Democrats were taken aback, so they demanded an FBI investigation into the matter. After a few days, all credible witnesses were interviewed by agents. Kavanaugh was cleared and confirmed to the bench a short time later.

All of these investigations have not produced one thing the left has sought: criminal actions. Trump was supposed to leave office in six months, and the left would have their message for the midterms and 2020 elections. However, they did not expect him to survive their attacks. Trump has thrived in spite of Democrats' attacks which is not normal. Usually, the Republican victim begins to suffer in public approval. The economy is strong and growing, ISIS is demolished, and the stock market is soaring.

Since the left has wasted their time and their policies do not create the prosperity of conservatism, what do they have? The left has nothing, but their new message is investigations.

Democrats say that if they win back the House, an investigation into Kavanaugh will be opened back up by the Judiciary Committee, Russia collusion will be a topic again, Trump’s financial dealings with Saudi Arabia over the failure to not immediately condemn them over a journalist’s killing, and the list goes on. It’s just a show because liberal ideas fail.

It is ironic that the same people pushing for endless investigations refuse to investigate Keith Ellison for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend (and there is evidence), Russia hacking into the DNC servers, the Steele Dossier, Hillary’s homebrew email server, or the missing 33,000 emails and maybe the fact that her Blackberry cell phone wound up smashed to thousands of pieces. The left is entirely disingenuous in their outrage.

The left only wants investigations that are politically expedient, not ones that search for the truth.

If Democrats take back the House on Tuesday, then we will get what we deserve. Their victory would mean a waste of money and time over endless investigations, many for settled issues. The Democrats will withhold funds for a conservative agenda, i.e., a stout military and border wall.

Progressives have squandered the last two years with no message. Plus, their policies break down the economy, crush the stock market, lower employment percentages, raise the number of people on welfare and chip away at our rights afforded by the Bill of Rights. Investigations are a way to plan for 2020.

Conservative policies are on display now. The Democratic Party is sinking and lost at sea.

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