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The country is more divided over politics than any other time in modern American history, and the media is to blame. The legacy media has a moral decision to make. They can report both sides of the news, allowing viewers to form their own opinions and begin to soothe animosity, or they can continue on their course to destroy the country for their own political biases. 


For decades, the mainstream media had a stranglehold on information released to the public through only three major news networks until 1988 when The Rush Limbaugh show came into existence. The “shock jock” host offered up a completely different view through the values of conservatism. Eventually, other right-wing radio talk stations began to pop up. In 1996, the Fox News Channel started which leaned to the right more than CNN and the other evening news channels. 

Conservatives were offered a more significant voice when the internet became a household item. Other liberal news sites began on the internet as well, but conservatives had a choice and a view.

The last few weeks were contentious during the nomination process for Justice Kavanaugh. The left-wing media reported that Kavanaugh was a sexual predator. They told the American public that he was a rapist who drugged women to take advantage of them in college. These accusations came with no proof or witnesses. Kavanaugh and his wife had to explain to their two young daughters about these unproven claims at a time in their young lives when they were not ready. Except, the mainstream media forced Kavanaugh to do so with their irresponsible, politically charged reporting.


Kavanaugh was eventually confirmed, but not before the media was able to rip the country further apart. Left-winger Joe Scarborough admitted media outlets should own up to their one-sided coverage in a surprise admission. The media is directly responsible for ginning up a passionate group of leftists that have a propensity for attacking right-wing supporters. A side effect has been a faction on the left that has chosen violence against the right, i.e. Antifa.

The media has perpetuated violence. There are discussion panels where the “pundits” continually bash President Trump and his supporters making false claims. They continually push false narratives to incite an emotional response. One example is the deranged Bernie Sanders supporter that opened fire with a rifle on Republicans while they practiced for the congressional baseball game in 2017, almost killing House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). 

Recently, Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) wife was reported saying that she sleeps with a loaded firearm next to her bed as a direct result of the threats she has received. 

It is time for the media to be responsible. Their personal political views no longer need to push a narrative through lies of omission. The legacy media often gives one-sided coverage rarely telling the entire story so they can control the flow of information to influence group think.


The media is in a position to begin the healing process, and it is time for them to report unbiased facts. There will never be a time when American’s all agree politically; however, adults can reason with each other, leaving no need to lie and manipulate.

A vast divide has been forged into society in the last few decades because of left-wing politics in news reporting. The division is dangerous, and it is time to fix it, but that starts with news that is reported equally on both sides.  

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