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Since When Do Democrats Hate Russia?

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The mainstream media continues it’s old, tiresome hysteria. This time it is over President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The left has jumped all over Trump because he said that Putin strongly denied meddling in our election, and he believed him. According to the media, that was capitulating. All of the major liberal news networks began attacking Trump. They had panels of “pundits” who said this was treason, then began to yell even louder for impeachment. Since the day Trump was elected, Russia has been the reason they lost, according to the left. However, there is a strange dichotomy. Over the years, the left has loved Russia.

Democrats have always had a love affair with the Russians. In truth, they love the communist and socialist philosophy that has been used to control the citizens and liberate the government. The goal of liberals is to be more like Russia, which makes it strange why they hate the former Soviet Union so much now. 

During the height of the Cold War with the Soviets, a sitting United States senator, liberal Democrat Teddy Kennedy, wrote a letter to Soviet General Yuri Andropov stating he was eager to “counter the militaristic policies” of President Reagan in an attempt to thwart the president’s reelection bid. Kennedy was the one who was colluding. 

For years, the Clintons have been taking money from Russia. Usually, the price for a speech was at least $250,000. What does Bill or Hillary have to talk about that would warrant taking that much for speaking for only about 30-45 minutes? It is ironic Hillary claims that Trump is Putin’s puppet, considering she has no problem taking money from shady Russian sources. 

Let’s mention something else about Hillary. An FBI informant stated that Russia paid millions of dollars to lobby so that Clinton’s charities would receive assistance. The biggest catch is Hillary was Secretary of State when this occurred. Can we say pay to play? It looks like Hillary knows more about colluding with Russia than anyone else. Her loud barking about Moscow is a played straight out of the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals book. Accuse the other side of impropriety while you are doing that same thing. In truth, Russian money was probably used in Hillary’s election campaign. 

In 2012, Mitt Romney was running against Obama. During the debate, Romney stated that Russia was America’s most significant geopolitical threat. He was right. The government is overtly corrupt, and they are the world’s second-largest nuclear threat, which is a scary combination. Instead, Obama, in his typical condescending way, told Romney “the 1980’s are calling, and they want their foreign policy back. The Cold War has been over for 20 years.” Obama downplayed the threat of Russia. What changed? Was Obama in backroom deals with the Kremlin? 

It makes sense why Obama mocked Romney about Russia. An open microphone told us all we needed to know. During a meeting with then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Obama told the president to let “Vlad know I will have more flexibility after the election” on a hot mic. More flexibility for what? Only crooked dealings would need to wait until after the presidential election. More collusion?

There is example after example of Democrats getting cozy with the Kremlin. The Democratic Party had no problem with Russia until recently. The left cannot handle defeat. Now, they “hate” Russia, and are blaming them in an attempt to undo a just election. 

The outrage that has bombarded us the last few days is fake. The left loves Russia, and they love Russian money. Their temper tantrum is over Trump winning the election. Liberal policies get slammed by conservative ones every time. Trump is calling out the media for their lies. The meeting with Putin was going to be criticized no matter what.  

If Trump had blasted Putin, the mainstream news networks would have attacked Trump for trying to start a war with Russia. Instead, he did the opposite and was wrong. There is no winning here. Trump will always be wrong in their eyes.

However, it is quite hypocritical to see how Democrats are attacking Russia now when they have been bunkmates with the Kremlin for decades.   

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